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Matching Grant No. 79476


Project Narrative


1. Briefly describe the project.

a. What were your original objectives? Provide clean water and refrigeration for donated food.

The water filters were to be installed in individual trailer, family-owned homes of farm workers in the Polanco Parks located in the East Coachella Valley. These homes are located outside the local service areas of the water district. They receive well water that has unacceptably high levels of naturally occurring arsenic and fluoride.

The Galilee Center is a non-profit food distribution center serving these same families. The Center needs refrigeration equipment to preserve the perishable food donations in the desert environment.

b. What was actually accomplished?

A refrigeration unit was purchased and given to the Galilee Center in Mecca, CA. Galilee center volunteers worked with the local manufacturer to install the unit. A Palm Desert Rotarian was the on-site installation coordinator. A dedication ceremony was held and a plaque presented to the Center commemorating the event.

Forty-four water filters were purchased for installation in four mobile home parks. Our non-profit partners did the installation with Rotary oversight. The project has provided clean drinking water to approximately 250 people.

      c.  When and where did the project take place, and who were the beneficiaries?

The refrigeration unit was installed at the Galilee Center in Mecca, CA and the installation blessed by Bishop Rutilio del Riego in a ceremony on July 29, 2013. The next day over 250 families lined up to receive boxes of canned goods, cereal and vegetables. It is expected that the number of families served will grow to over 500 in the coming weeks.

The water portion of the project commenced with the award of the grant by RI in May, 2013 and the last water filters were installed in January, 2014. Water sampling was done to validate installation and was successfully completed in March, 2014. This will provide clean drinking water to approximately 250 men, women and children.

2. Scope change. If the project was changed, how and why was it changed?

The scope of the project changed when the project received publicity in our area. In addition to the Swan City, La Quinta and Palm Desert Rotary Clubs, the remaining twelve Rotary Clubs in the Coachella Valley made contributions to the project. The Coachella Valley Housing Council also contributed funds to the project. The original grant budget was $18,350.00. The additional support brought the available funds to $30,940.03. This allowed us to significantly increase the number of mobile home units served. In addition, the project included an additional non-profit organization, also working in the impacted area.

Rotarian Involvement and Oversight

3. How did Rotarians manage and oversee the project?

One or more Rotarians were on site for the installation of the refrigeration unit at the Galilee Center. The water filter installations were planned by Rotarians and installed by our Non-profit partners. Rotarians met with the beneficiaries of the project during the installation phase and participated in the commissioning ceremonies for each project.

4. How many Rotarians from the host partner club participated in the project?


5. In what way did the host Rotarians participate in the project? Please list all non-financial involvement.

Rotarians were involved in the planning and on site supervision of the project. Rotarians met with the non-profit partners to schedule the installations, visited the installation sites, met with the mobile park home owners and managers of the Galilee Center, provided oversight management of the installation and received water quality reports validating the installation of the filters. Rotarians participated in the commissioning ceremonies at each project site.

6. How many Rotarians from the international partner club participated in the project?


7. In what way did the international Rotarians participate in the project?

The International Partner was not able to visit the sites during installation, but remained in touch with the host clubs throughout the project.


Community Impact

8. How many people benefited from the project?


9. What was the impact of the project on the beneficiaries?

Over 250 men, women and children now have clean drinking water. The Galilee Center can now receive and hold donated food for distribution in the local migrant worker community.

10. What are the expected long-term community impacts of the project?

The refrigeration unit will give the Galilee Center the ability to accept and store perishable food from willing donors for future distribution to a growing population of migrant farm worker families.

As a result of the success of the water filter project, other entities have stepped forward with donations to allow the project to continue as a club community service project. In April, 2014 the La Quinta Rotary Interact Club donated $400.00 to the project.



Financial Statement

Currency Used:


Exchange Rate:

= 1 USD

11.  Income   

Sources of Income



1. TRF Matching Grant Award and Contributions



2. Other Income (identify): aryRotary CLubs

Rotary Clubs, Individuals



3. Other Income (identify):

Local Housing Council



4. Interest Income (if any):

Total Income:


12. Expenses (add rows as needed)   

Budget Items

Name of supplier



1. Refrigeration Unit for Galilee Center

Palm Springs Refrigeration Co.



2. Water Filters

Nimbus Filter Corp



3. Water Filters

GE Corp (Home Depot)



4. Water Filter Installation

DACE (non-profit partner)



5. Installation Recognition Plaques (5)

Tustin Awards






Total Expenses:




14. Certifying Signature – Either the Host or International Partner must certify the report. If the grant is club sponsored the current club president must certify the report and if the grant is district-sponsored the district grants subcommittee chair must certify the report.

Print Name:

Sandra Stewart



2 April 2014

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La Quinta