Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Jun 22, 2018
Nick, Dan, Greg, Doug and Allan are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Kevin, and Denn
President Robert was in Toronto at the Rotary International Convention and so Dr. Bruce called our meeting to order promptly at 12:15  PM.  Corry offered up the invocation which was short, sweet and to the point!
There were only 13 Rotarians (all members) and 1 guest present at today’s lunch meeting.  That guest was Diane Kelly’s friend and co-worker Furita Barclay.  You know Tom Mc”D”, I don’t think your doctor would mind if you showed up at the next meeting (currently scheduled to be 7/6) as this small of a turnout hardly qualifies as a “crowd”.
Returning from his sabbatical… or was it a suspended license, wait, maybe a suspended sentence, no, it was absence of malice or absence without leave, no, I got it, his LEAVE OF ABSENCE, was our good friend and fellow Rotary Club of La Quinta member Nick Krashtower (or something like that, it has been so long I have forgotten how to spell his last name).  Welcome back Nick!
Dr. Bruce announced that there would be a Club Board Meeting to be held at the 7/11, no wait… on July 11, 2018 at Corry Hunter’s office beginning at 5:30 PM.  If it is to be held at 3:30 PM Board Members will be given at least 1 hour notice like last week’s board meeting which not surprisingly only 3 members were able to attend.
Dr. Bruce also announced that we would be “DARK” (no meeting) next Friday, June 29, 2018 in preparation for the upcoming 4th of July celebration.  There was some dissention suggesting that maybe it made more sense to be dark on the 6th of July but no decision was made.  Keep an eye on your email accounts as common sense may strike inspiration in the hearts of the powers that be regarding this matter.  But for sure, NO MEETING THIS COMING FRIDAY!
Denn announced that Jerry Mann’s knee surgery was a success and he is already walking (kinda) on it. Thank you Denn for following up with Jerry and reporting back to us.  At one time we all had “battle buddies” who would keep the membership posted on any issues plaguing members… with so many “issues” with our members these days it might be a good idea to bring this program back!
It was great to see one of our favorite Past Presidents Doug Motz in attendance today.  He made an announcement about how Props and Hops and Brew in LQ are currently scheduled for the same day again this year… or maybe it was something about the Chamber of Commerce giving our Club the New Member Award at their June meeting to be held on June 26, 2018.  (They must have received our check!)  Come to think of it, it was likely both!
With an even $10.00 in the raffle today Corry had his ticket drawn.  With about 300 white marbles and only 1 black marble in the bag it was no surprise that Corry drew a white (well, actually “blue”) marble and won only $5.
Our Fine Master Allan Levin took to the podium and his fine free assistant Bruce C. grabbed the collection basket.  To get things started Nick was warmly welcomed back and recognized for his wife Marsha’s birthday and any other transgressions that he may or may not have committed during his absence to the tune of $60.  President Robert paid (in absencia) for not having his pin on at the last Board Meeting.  He likely could have complained that it was due to such short notice of the time change, but it was he that had delivered said notice.  Allan then approached Sandy L. and Diane about missing the Board Meeting altogether… to which they argued, yes they were together and had left another meeting early only to arrive (apparently) late to the Board Meeting at the previously appointed time of 5:30 PM!  In a surprising display of generosity Allan allowed their absences to stand without fining, but would not allow them to use their attendance/non-attendance as a make-up meeting!  Bruce C. added $2 to the $35 he paid for the fine free badge to make it a buck-a-year for his wedding anniversary to his amazing, awesome, wonderful, incredibly beautiful wife Lora (just in case she sees this newsletter).  Corry repatriated his $5 Raffle winnings and added another fiver for missing the Board Meeting and Sandy L. was $5 late (in part due to parking about 100 yards away from the entrance to the Cliff House under the only available shade tree. (Hey Sandy, parking in the shade won’t help if you get heat stroke on your mini-marathon just to get to the meeting).  Dave, Doug and Allan all threw in a few bucks in celebration of graduating grandkids… which Doug then sweetened the pot for his wife Carol’s graduation of the CV Leadership program, and finally, Dr. Bruce tossed in a few bucks for his recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal where he attended a 3 day wedding (valued at a million $$$) for his new favorite niece!
We had no speaker this day so I thought I would boar you with what amounts to “home movies” from our beloved President who is currently attending the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  Please note that snarky captions to these photos have been removed, but feel free to add your own!
Dr. Bruce called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart