President Robert Wilkinson called the Fortieth meeting of the Twenty Sixth Year of La Quinta Rotary to order at 12:15pm. David Archer led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Joe LaMantia gave the invocation.

We only had a couple of visitors as most of our snowbirds  have gone north once again  Bob Becker from Bellingham was with us for his last meeting until January.    Andy Brakebill introduced his guest, potential member Pat Shannon.    Pat had previously visited us in March.  Barrett Boucher, owner of Boucher’s Jewelry Store near Trader Joe’s, was a visitor and is also a potential member.

Key Dates and Announcements:

Board Meeting May  15, 2013 at 5:30 pm- Lee Osborne’s board room on Corporate Way.

Joe LaMantia- PRYDE update- introduced the 2 students from LaQuinta Middle School

Rotary Parking Lot Sale-May 18th -  Lumpy’s Parking Lot.  Clean out those closets and garages!

Tom McDermott had surgery and is recovering.

The raffle had a very small pot after Dan Fissori’s  big win last week.   Our winner this week was  Ed Casey, a $5  winner.

Allan Levin, Sergeant at Arms, took the podium, and collected from the following individuals in the way of birthdays, anniversaries, and a few lates including:  Corry Hunter  made a donation for a referral from Nick Kraushaar; Diane Kelly  contributed for a no make-up; Andy Brakebill paid a fine for his phone ringing and an update on exchange student Lisa.  Jennifer Donais was fined for a new vehicle; Dave Turner paid for being late and his anniversary coming up in the next week- congrats to him and Paula.  Sandy Lauer celebrated her birthday last week and contributed to the cause.  Don Adolph contributed for not being at the Community Picnic because he and Diane were on a cruise to Hawaii to celebrate their anniversary.  Bruce Cathcart contributed for Doug Motz’s phenomenal job at the Realtor’s golf tournament.  Robert Wilkinson contributed happy dollars as his daughter is graduating from UC Santa Barbara.  Dave Archer contributed happy dollars for his son Shane’s high school graduation.  Doug Motz contributed some happy dollars to acknowledge potential member, Barrett Boucher, for contributing nice watches to the Realtors tournament.




Our program today was to recognize and hear from some of our La Quinta High School scholarship students and the two students we sent to PRYDE.  Their accomplishments thus far and aspirations for the future are very impressive.  The scholarship students include:  Christian Rowe, Maria Ross, Estela Sanchez, Hannah McCune, Audrey Hunter, Shane Archer, Briseida Jiminez, Liliana Gomez Garza, Michael Finch, Genette Eaglin.  It was very nice to have them at the meeting, and to see share the rewards of our hard work in fundraising.


A big "Thank you" to our Scholarship Committee which included Diane Kelly, Marc Rosen, Allan Levine, Robert Wilkinson, Helen Anderson and Ray Lopez.

President Robert Wilkinson closed the meeting at 1:20 asking Dave Turner to lead us in the Four Way Test.