At the last Board meeting, the Membership Committee proposed an update of our Club's Affiliate Membership Program. This proposal was unanimously approved by the Board. It will be included in the upcoming bylaw revision proposal.

Affiliate is a membership "classification" unique to the La Quinta Rotary Club. It is offered to Rotarians from out of area Rotary clubs who spend a large amount of time in the La Quinta area and, most importantly, act and participate like a La Quinta Rotarian. It is an honorarium to be offered by the Board to long term visiting Rotarians who meet the above criteria. It is not something for which someone makes application. It is not something passed out lightly. A Rotarian who spends a large amount of time at our club must demonstrate an "affiliation" with our projects and programs through active participation, not just attending meetings. The Membership Committee will be the "clearing house" for member proposals for Affiliate Membership. Upon observing potential visitors who exhibit the above qualities, the Membership Committee would propose a candidate for Affiliate Membership to the Board. Classification would not be a screening criteria nor would general membership approval be required. The Board would vote to approve or not approve bestowing that honor.