President David Archer launched the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, and Prayer, and introduced Jeff "Pit Bull" Wattenbarger as finemaster.  Of note, Dr. Bruce Underwood contributed $1.00 to announce that he was also donating $25.00 to Rotary's efforts in Haiti.  Total of $26.00.  Several no-makeup fines and birthdays brought Wattenbarger's total to a respectful number for the day.

  President Dave introduced the speaker, Mickie Riley, former founder and CEO of construction firm, Rylington Homes.  Mickie began by explaining that Rylington was once a $120MM operation and highly profitable, but 'bit the dust' in the recent recession, taking his personal fortune with it.  After losing everything, he has changed careers, and  his whole lifestyle, by making a virtual "Religion" out of his commitment to physical fitness.   During the building of his Rylington business, and the stress and pressure demanded by its demise in the past 5 years, he ballooned to a dangerous 320 pounds and nearly ruined his cardiovascular system in the process.  He became a heavy drinker and a consummate "Gourmet", and ended up in the hospital emergency room with only 30 percent of his heart's pumping capacity left.

  He had a "Hello" epiphany, changed his lifestyle completely, and now, through slow but certain progress, is back to an obviously fit 172 pounds, has run 16 half marathons, and will tackle his first full marathon before the end of 2011.  He suggests vitamin supplements "Non-Blush" Niacin, and "Red Yeast Rice", and recommends another local fitness consultant, "Liberal Clinic". (All with your doctor's agreement, of course) (editor's comment)

  He has started his own health and fitness consulting company, and encouraged all of us to consider changing our lives for the better by following in his path back to health.  A good speaker, knowledgeable and convincing, he answered many questions from  'couch potato' Rotarians for almost 15 minutes. 

  Mr. Riley's firm is:
Zoetic Health and Fitness
79-405 Hwy 111, Suite #9
La Quinta, CA 92253
(619) 889-0909

  In the "Other Business" category, several fellow Rotarians asked that we publish the following request the bulletin:
"If any Rotarians know how to contact the widow of Jack Abels, please forward this information to the Editor."