President Frank called to order this 24th meeting of the Rotary year and with that, he is half way through his term. Guests this past Friday included Bruce and Shelly from the Rotary Club of Edmonton, Alberta. Judith introduced Magie, who was making her second visit to our club and Rob Schein introduced his daughter, Taylor. It was good to see you again, Rob.

It was announced that Saturday, December 19th was the last day for bell ringing. Lothar praised the efforts of the club "dingers". Judith reported that, with the coupons we collected, the club was able to buy over $1,000.00 worth of bed lines and towels from Bed, Bath and Beyond for less than $700.00. These will be delivered to Olive Crest, along with the Christmas presents donated by club members. Sandy Lauer passed around holiday cards for members to sign wishing Holiday Greetings to missing members. Helen was the lucky $5.00 raffle winner.

Our Sergeant at Arms, Andy Lorenz, took it very easy on members, using his time to spread goodwill and happiness. Anniversary recognition went to the Kolbs, Dick and Helen Anderson and the Vasholzs. Birthdays were celebrated by Dan, Taylor Schein and Terry Henderson. Happy dollars were offered by Dick Anderson ( Navy win over Army), Judith (Helen securing a donation for Olive Crest), Rob (glad to be back), Robert (Rotary trailer) and Joe and Andy (daughters birthdays).


Robin Martin returned to the club to share with us her six-week trip to Salem, India to work at the India Christian Mission Center. This is an international project her Rotary club in Lake Forrest Park, Seattle, has worked on for several years. The Center was founded in 1988 as an orphanage by Dr. "J", himself an orphan. Today it has grown to include three sites, providing education, food clothing and shelter for over 1,500 orphans. The Center receives donations from around the world. Dr. "J" has also created "for profit" institutions to help support the orphanage. Education is provided from age 4 through college and many of the graduates go on to work in the schools and hospitals founded by Dr. "J". It is a wonderfully rewarding project and Robin plans on returning next year for a three month stay.

We are dark the next two Fridays, so have a happy holiday season. See you on January 8th and may we all enjoy a happy, prosperous and peaceful new year.