Joe and Howard are greeted by Victoria, Baird and Adrian
Doug Motz called the meeting to order promptly at 12:15. Doug led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bruce Underwood led us in the prayer.
The club had a number of distinguished visitors, some of whom are named here and some of whom are named later. At the top of the list was Steve Sikorski, who is the District Governor from South Dakota and a portion of other Midwestern states. It was a pleasure to have Steve with us for this meeting.
Other visitors included Don Berliner from Alberta, Dave Stoffer in from Stockton, and Barry Schneider from South El Monte.
Our club Welcomed back Dick and Helen Anderson from their recent travels and as always Helen brought several flags home to share with us!
Several announcements were made. Brett asked that people volunteer to cook hotdogs for the Salvation Army event. The hotdogs will be provided, we only need to cook.  See Bruce C. or Allan if interested in helping out.
Joe LaMantia said that the upcoming event is PRYDE, not RYLA.
Doug Motz requested all Rotarians attend the District Conference from May 13-15, 2016, at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. Doug and his wife plan an elaborate hospitality suite to run from 7am in the morning until 12 midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All are invited.
Doug called Tom McDermott, next year's president, to present his Slate of Officers. They are Treasurer Robert Wilkinson and Secretary Cory Kelly. Both were elected unanimously with the full support of the entire club.
Frank Kolb, President of the Booster Group for the La Quinta Woodwind Symphony, and Mark Fleischer, the Conductor of the La Quinta Woodwind Symphony, appeared and told us that the La Quinta Woodwind Symphony had done such an incredible job on their Carnegie Hall concert that they have been invited to Chicago to perform. However, the musicians need to get there. The cost is $97,000.00, of which about $8,000.00 is still to be raised. 46 students will travel to Chicago. Many of us remember the tremendous performance given by the La Quinta Woodwind Symphony jazz group at our Christmas party at the home of Carol and Doug Motz. Anyone wishing to donate to the cause is asked to please contact Doug Motz.
Corry Hunter presented his two guests, Kathy and Cheryl from the Tour de Palm Springs. They, in turn, presented the Club with a check for $3,000 for its efforts. Corry Hunter led this group of Rotarians who greatly contributed to the Tour de Palm Springs and he is to be highly praised.
There was the weekly raffle (won by today’s speaker Arnie Rosenheck for $5)
and then there was the weakly joke told by Victoria.
Allan Levin did his usual great job of getting blood from leaving no stone unturned but due to the fact that our scribe this day was also the fine free basket carrier, no notes were taken!
The speaker this week was Arnie Rosenheck. Arnie spoke on the topic of oral cancer. He urged prevention and early detection. He stated that the ages of 45 to 65 are the highest risk areas. (This was good news for members of our club since some of them have not fallen into that range and most of them have fallen out of it.)
Arnie went on to state 90% of these cancers are squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer is an abnormal rapid growth of cells and if allowed to continue this growth will eventually cause death. The principal causes of oral cancer appear to be tobacco and alcohol.
Arnie stated that if you drank a six pack a day, seven days a week… that would be excessive (your scribe missed the next part of the talk while contemplating certain life issues).
Arnie urged that we all go to our dentist and have him check lymph nodes, skin on the face, the mouth, and the lips on both the outside and the inside. He also urged that the dentist have lots of light for examination. He further urged a tongue exam. Certain pictures were shown to the group which greatly emphasized the need for this type of examination.
Doug concluded the meeting with the Four-Way Test at 1:40.
Rumors are flying: Governor Jerry Brown has spent the $1 billion the people gave him to stop the drought; now he needs $1 billion to clean up flood damage. Everyone in California is to give $1,000, but President Doug Motz suggests $2,500 per Rotarian. Governor Brown has a clever theme: "H20 or H2NO, We Want Your Dough!"
Plans to show the Hulk Hogan sex tapes at the District Conference in Lake Arrowhead were dropped when it was discovered that Mr. Hogan is not a Rotarian.
Finally, the rumor that Joe LaMantia's appearance with the La Quinta Woodwind Symphony in Chicago has been canceled is hogwash. Joe will be performing, as planned, with his accordion and the Dean Martin singers.
This newsletter was written by Tom McDermott
Also, the better quality photos were shot by Tom this week!