Judith, Jeff, Dave and Sandy are greeted by Baird, Tom and Doug
President Corry Hunter called the meeting to order at 12:15.  After the pledge and the invocation given by Corry Hunter, he introduced visiting Rotarians from near and far including a District Governor Elect from Sioux Falls, South Dakota as well as several other Rotarians from other local clubs and Canada.  Rey Neufeld also had his wife Jean joining us for lunch.
President Corry makes this week's announcements
 Announcements included:
Social- Polo, tailgating $10 a car- February 15th at Eldorado Polo Grounds at 1pm.  There will be reminder emails coming about the event.
Board Meeting February 18th at 5:30 at Boucher Fine Jewelers.
Rotary Storage Stuff- please bring things to Corry so that we can consolidate and store them all in one place.
Aprons have sold out- if you still want one, let Corry know if you would like one.  They will order another batch if there is enough interest.
Our annual Strut your Mutt will be held March 21, 2015. Meetings are held at Osborne Rincon Wednesdays at 5:30.  Please be on the lookout for potential sponsors as this is our main Scholarship fundraising event.  Rotarians will be able to use their signs for advertising from last year for a mere $75 donation in advance.  Otherwise, Andy Lorenz will be invoicing those that dally $100 for the right to display the advertising sign.
Bob Becker gave us an update on the law enforcement recognition that is in progress.  There will be a certificate/plaque from the La Quinta Rotary at the Sheriff’s station in Thermal and then a second one for our La Quinta sub-station located in City Hall (as per Dick Jandt’s suggestion).  Bruce Cathcart offered to pay for the certificate/plaque as there is nothing in the budget for something like this and will have them available at this coming Friday’s meeting to begin signing. 
Dick Jandt- La Quinta Arts Festival is fast approaching and we are again delivering boxed lunches for the artists.  Dick will be sending out emails where you can sign up to help out.
Bill Cosgrove’s service was held on January 31st at 11am at St. Theresa Church in Palm Springs.  Corry shared the information that Bill died of a heart attack while in church in Hawaii with his family. We will all miss Bill’s good sense of humor and his kind smile.There will be a memorial Tree planting up at the top of the Cove for Bill Cosgrove.  Bob Wright is going to get the tree but he wants all the Rotarians there- more details to come.
Raffle pot was $ 197- $5 winner today so buy your tickets next week!
Walter Keating took to the podium and with no no-makeups he began fining with the lates starting with Jennifer Donais, then Bruce Underwood, and finishing with Bruce Franklin. Merv Kolb was fined for his fantastic photo.  There were numerous donations for the upcoming Super bowl along with as much commentary. Ed Casey had a good week at the tables and contributed generously.  Helen Anderson gave happy dollars for all of those who turned out for the Humana and gave special thanks for Dick Anderson and Bob Wright.    Helen also gave more happy dollars for the support of the club as she and Dick head to Guatemala. Joe LaMantia and Sandy Stewart donated happy dollars and thanked Walter Keating for hosting the Humana party.  Don Adolph gave happy dollars thanked all those who showed up for his thank you gathering.  Our affiliate member Abraham from Tiburon gave a generous $50 donation. 
Next week is the raffle of fine free badge- bring you moola!
Our speaker today was Brandon from Brandini Toffee who spoke to us today about…… toffee!  He apologized for following after the health talk last week.  Brandon told us about the story of how it was started when he and friend were sophomores in high school.  They wanted to go to Italy on a school trip and their parents said that if they could raise half the money, they would pay the other half.  They were too young to get real jobs so Brandon took out his family’s toffee recipe, refined it, and starting making one batch at a time.  They raised enough for the trip and the rest is history!  They now have two locations- Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs. 
Each Rotarian present received a 1/4# bag of Brandini Toffee
Brandon also brought samples which made for some very happy Rotarians!   They’ve been on the Martha Stewart Show (in 2008), and more recently on the Food Network.  While doing all of this, he and his business partner both obtained four year college degrees with the support of the their families and their Moms getting more involved in running the business.    They have added toffee popcorn and use the extra ground up “toffee scraps” in milkshakes and ice cream bars.  They are now selling their products in Costco.  Only locally as of last year and now also in the Los Angeles region- 9 stores thus far. Brandon then went on to ask many questions.  Thank you Brandon- a true entrepreneur!  For more information on Brandini Toffee please go to their website at www.brandinitoffee.com.
At 1:20 Vice President Doug Motz called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais