Meeting was opened by President Corry Hunter at 12:12 PM.  He called upon Bill Cosgrove to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, which was followed by the invocation presented by Merv Kolb.


Bob, Merv, Greg and Bill are greeted by Baird, Tom and Doug this week!

Guests for the day were Ed Casey's daughter, Elizabeth, a Supervisor of Railroad Security for the Amtrak System.  Gordon Hopper joined us again today, and expressed his potential as a new member of our club sometime in the future.


President Corry making this week's announcements

Corry announced that our 2015 (Third Annual) Strut-Your-Mutt Dog show and Expo will be held at its La Quinta Community Park location (Baseball field west of Old Town) on Saturday, March 21, 2015.

The next major local event in which we will participate and assist, will be the annual Patriot Bicycle Race and Event on Oct. 25th.  Corry Hunter is our contact to participate.

We will be having a Club Social Gathering, "A little Wine-A Little History", at the La Quinta Historical Museum, on Saturday, Nov. 8th.  Time to be announced.

The annual Football Game, Mixer, and Raffle will be held at the Cliff House on Monday evening, 10-13.  Please contact Sandy Stewart to contribute raffle items for this Club “fun and fundraising” event!  Joe Lamantia is Chairman of the Football "Pool" for this event and seeks to fill many more "spaces" on the master Score Card.

The district 5330 "Foundation Gala", will be held on Dec. 3rd. at a venue in San Bernardino - location and time to be announced at the next meeting.

Today's ticket Raffle offered a winner's purse of $164.00.  The ticket drawn belonged to our lucky President Corry, who drew a white marble-a $5.00 winner.


Master Fine Master Allan recognizes members for deeds both good and bad!

Allan Levin was today’s Fine Master, subbing for the traveling Walter Keating.  Corry holds the fine free badge for this month, by which he deflected Allan’s wrath for loudly discussing a construction project and the impending sale of his house. 

Robert Wilkinson was fined $32.00 for his anniversary, and his recent vacationing to points east and west, including NYC, and to his High School reunion in Springfield, OR, and to the Michigan State game! 

Bruce Franklin was unruly and argumentative when questioned about his upcoming anniversary, and only reluctantly agreed to pay up with a pittance amount after some grumbling and growling.  His fine amount was kept secret!  

Bill Cosgrove threw $5 into the pot for “General Principles” and Doug Motz contributed $3 for the recent S.D. Chargers win.

Baird Boucher’s guest, Gordon Hopper, offered to contribute $5.00 if anyone in the room had any negative comments about our beloved Mayor, Don Adolph, in relation to Don’s current candidacy for re-election.  Hearing no such comments, Adolph himself was grateful enough to contribute the $5.00!  Hopper pitched in $2.00 anyway, with a comment about how he loved Stanford, and Joe Lamantia contributed $2.00 in thanks for Elizabeth Casey and her gambl’in father’s filling 8 total squares for the upcoming football raffle.

David Archer contributed some happy bucks in celebration of his son’s exciting touchdown in last weeks’ game for La Quinta H.S.   Dr. Bruce Underwood deposited $5.00 to mention his running for City Council in the City of Indian Wells.

Bob Wright celebrated L.Q High School’s outstanding achievement for ranking in the top 5 High Schools in the US in Academic Achievement!  Bob contributed $5.00.


Our special guest speaker Brenda Freeman

Guest Speaker, Brenda Freeman announced and described the upcoming air show and educational event to be held at the Jacqueline Cochran Airport in Thermal on October 25. She invited all to attend –with their families. 


Lifeguard Days (June 1973)   Miner Days (September 1980)                  Now a days

Baird Boucher then introduced fellow member, Bruce Cathcart, who delivered a very detailed, interesting, and entertaining summation of his unique family life and history in the residential Real Estate and Development Business, and the unabridged account of the founding and growth of La Quinta Palms Realty over the past 32 years as guided by Bruce and his brother Jim.  He talked about his many unpleasant jobs and challenges while working for his father in many meager and stressful positions as a day-laborer, contractor and developer in Western Riverside County.  The ups and downs of the Cathcarts and their overcoming of a remarkable number of truly serious surprises, financial and otherwise, could be great material for a novel and movie depicting the sometimes chaotic growth of Riverside County in the 60’s and 70’s.  Quite an achievement and tribute to Bruce’s indomitable spirit and dedication to his and his family’s ultimate success.  Great Story, Bruce.  Thanks for sharing!

Corry Hunter closed the meeting with the recitation of the Rotary 4-way test, and the promise that he would make a serious contribution to our Fine Master’s coffins in the future, at which time Cathcart sells the Hunter home!


This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz

In case anyone was wondering about the wandering Andersons, the photo below was taken from their villa overlooking a grape vineyard in Asti!