Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Oct 26, 2018
Sandra, Allan and Wayne are greeted by Diane Kelly, Dr. Bruce and Denn
President Robert welcomed everyone and led us in the pledge.  One of our two GREAT INVOCATORS Wayne Olmsted gave another GREAT invocation asking for blessings upon all those who serve mankind by doing the things that most people would not or could not do!
We had another good turn out today with two visiting Rotarians from Washington State; Dave Wilson from Kent and Bob Lovely from Olympia.
We also had two guests of Rotarians that included Lothar’s guest Eric Moser and Doug Motz’s beautiful wife Carole (shown above).
President Robert announced that the next club board meeting will be on November 13, 2018 at 5:30 at the offices of Osborne/Rincon (Corry’s office).
Our interact club along with local high school ROTC members will be meeting at patriot park in Cathedral City to assist with the placement of approximately 5,500 flags.  Thank you La Quinta Rotarian Dave Turner for your survey work to let them know where each flag goes and to Robert for coordinating our interactors!  The flags will be on display from 11/10 – 11/18.
Dave Turner, our committee chairman for our March Wine Tasting Event, asked that each member be responsible for the sale of 4 tickets (at $45 each) whether they buy them or sell them, to assure that we have a successful event this year.  It appeared that the members were ready, willing and able to assist with this.
David also took this opportunity to announce that we have been asked to be bartenders at DESERT STOCK II tentatively scheduled for February 23, 2019.  Desert Stock I was an absolute blast from the past and we netted approximately $5K from this event a couple of years ago.  For a really good time do not hesitate to sign up to participate in this event.  We have plenty of experienced bar tenders amongst our members so please come join the fun and help out where you can!
President Robert had both Dave Turner and Allan Levin update the club on the Brew in LQ and Hops for Props events scheduled on the same day (again) November 17.  Props will be from 12-5 PM followed by the Brew in LQ from 5-9 PM.  These are both fun and lucrative fund raisers for our Club and Foundation so please sign up to help pour beer at one or both events!
At this point in the announcements Deputy Ashworth interrupted the meeting with an important delivery for our Chief of Police and Rotary Member (and speaker today) Misty Reynolds.  Deputy Ashworth was introduced to us all as one of RSO’s finest and it appeared that he was also one of her favorites.
With well over $165 in the raffle this day Jimbo drew the white marble won a whopping five dollars.
Misty took the opportunity to present Dick Jandt with a very special award (which may have just been delivered by Deputy Ashworth) recognizing his faithful service of 15 years as a volunteer to the La Quinta “Citizens on Patrol” program.  We are very proud of you Dick and we thank you for your service to our community.
Our beloved fine master Allan took to the podium and immediately recognized a returning Marc Rosen for being away and celebrating his birthday without us.
Marc generously contributed $100 which I am pretty sure is way over a buck a year!  Thank you Marc and welcome back.  Our local nutritional expert Dr. Bruce had Allan auction off a bottle of fatty acid supplements which our good friend Bob Lovely from Washington purchased.  He happened to have been sitting next to Dr. Bruce during the meeting and I have no doubt Dr. Bruce had taken the time to educate Bob about the benefits of this important supplement and had him primed and ready to bid before the auction even started!  Both Brett and Dick Jandt paid for a couple of no make-ups and welcome back Wayne Olmsted paid $55 (a buck a year) for his wedding anniversary.  Wow, what an amazing accomplishment!  Congratulations to you both.  Denn announced that he and his wife would be traveling to China and so he offered up $10… I guess no one bothered to tell Denn that we usually pay AFTER we get back from a trip or maybe he was just afraid he would be broke when he returned.  Either way, thank you Denn… safe journey!  Dr. Bruce threw in $2 for Boston in the World Series which was quickly answered by Doug with his $2 for the Dodgers.  As it turns out the BoSox were the better team but as usual Rotary benefitted from fans from both teams.  Dick Jandt publicly thanked Captain Misty and encouraged anyone interested in the Citizens Volunteer program to assist the RSO to do so as it has been a very rewarding experience for him.  Merv threw in $5 for his beloved Steelers and finally our newsletter editor Bruce C. added $5 for sending the previous newsletter out two weeks late… much like this one!
Our speaker this day was our own La Quinta Rotarian, our Chief of Police and Commander of the Thermal Station Captain Misty Reynolds.  Misty started off by sharing a little bit about herself and referred us all to view a You Tube video produced by the California Highway Patrol titled, “Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You!”  Misty is prominently featured in this video about women leaders in law enforcement and it gives some great insight into the high caliber person that she is.  It was obvious from her presentation that she has worked very hard throughout her 21 year career with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and has earned her position as Captain and Commander as well as the respect of her fellow officers and her superiors with her “Follow ME!” attitude as she accepted and took on every bad assignment available.  We are so proud of you Misty and the job that you do. We are grateful for your service and for setting such a great example for your fellow Rotarians to follow!
President Robert called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart
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