After suffering through our 5th week in a row of clear sunny days with daytime high temperatures exceeding the daily averages for this time of year by 10 degrees or more (making a perfect mid 80 degrees), President-elect Doug Motz called the 27th meeting of the 28th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and lead us in the pledge of allegiance.  Rey Neufeld followed the flag salute with a very nice invocation.
At the greeting table this week was Baird Boucher taking attendance, Tom McDermott selling lunch tickets and Adrian Gyzi selling Raffle tickets.
Visiting Rotarians this day included Diane Stauffer from Stockton, CA, Randy Austin from Alberta, Canada, Gene Grath from Waikiki, Helen Duff from Ottawa, Canada, Ermin from well, Jennifer… Annette, C’mon Allan I’m trying to write down the visiting, aw, forget it…. and a few others.
President-elect Doug, before making the following announcements, introduced our special guests this day, our incoming 2015-2016 District Governor Rudy Westervelt and his wife Karen from the Lake Arrowhead Club.
The next club board meeting will be held on Tuesday or Wednesday, February 17th or 18th, at Baird Boucher’s (Wholesale Jewelry) store in La Quinta starting at 5:30 PM, or the next Strut your Mutt meeting will be held at Corry’s office, or Dave Turner’s office on the day that the Board meeting is not being held.  Seriously Allan, you are not helping me here… I know it sounds like THEY are confused, Doug just announced that he forgot his notes and was making most of this stuff up anyway.  Oh, heck, never mind, I just noticed that this newsletter is going out AFTER the meetings so hopefully you were able to attend.
Strut Your Mutt will be held on March 21, 2015, Signup sheets will soon be available and Andy Lorenz is coordinating sign sponsors at $75.00 for renewals and $100.00 for fresh ink.
Joe LaMantia announced that Rotary Direct forms will be at the greeting table and encouraged everyone to consider signing up to make giving easier and almost painless! 
“We’ve Got Your Back” support for our local law enforcement officers proclamations were present and being signed by members.  They will be available again at this coming week’s meeting for those who have yet to contribute their “John Hancock”.
Diane Kelly is still taking orders for Rotary “away game” name badges.  Everyone should get one of these to wear at our volunteer functions and make up appearances at other clubs since our regular club day badges are kept under lock and key except from 12:00 to 1:30 every Friday afternoon!
Lothar Vasholz is still looking for a few good men (or women) to take on a more active role with the Salvation Army and Veteran’s Expo held each October.  If interested and able, please see Lothar.
With about $200.00 in the jackpot this week our visiting Rotarian Gene from Hawaii managed to draw a white marble and win only $5.00 of it!
The lunch choices today were the Famous Cliff House Burger and Fries, the traditional Chicken Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese and homemade Caesar dressing, or a bowl of Clam Chowder Soup accompanied by ½ a grilled cheese sandwich, all served with a nice slice of Ice Cream Pie to top everyone’s meal off!
Our Fine Master Walter Keating started his private party by fining Judith for one no make-up and then moved on to Doug for celebrating his wedding anniversary to wife Carol on Valentine’s Day!  Bruce Franklin did a marvelous job of manipulating the basket from victim to victim as Sandy Lauer paid for her “Club” anniversary of 9 years and then Don Adolf paid for his anniversary of being married to his wife Diane for 61 years!  Congratulations Don and Diane!!!  Several members volunteered $5.00 in honor of their “Sweethearts” and the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Finally, with great pride Jennifer Donais announced and gave happy dollars for the 12 RYLA students that she interviewed last week.  She said it will be a very difficult task to select just 6 to attend RYLA this year as they are all so qualified and deserving.
Our speaker this day was Cassandra Beegle from iTT Consulting (inspire –Teach – Transcend) a computer training and technology consultant.  Cassandra was formerly an industrial technology and business analyst and now teaches computer classes to students over 50 at Cal State San Bernardino University and at the Joplin Senior Center both in Palm Desert.  In addition, she makes house calls (or office calls) to help individuals and businesses with computer training/learning and consulting on specialty projects.  Cassandra shared some amazing facts such as “Moore’s Law” where technology doubles every two years and today’s “Smart Phone” has the computing capability as all of NASA in 1969 when we America put a man on the moon!  She also demonstrated the amazing Apps available on Google with voice activated fact finding and language translation.  She summarized the benefits available to everyone today by saying, “you don’t have to have an M.I.T. education to access M.I.T. information!  Today there are approximately 1.5 million Apps on Apple and another 1.5 million Apps on Android… of which 80% are games!  “In summary,” she told us, “technology is no longer optional!”  Okay, mind officially blown!!!  You can contact Cassandra at or by phone at 760-537-1728.
President-elect Doug closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.
This week’s newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart