Jimbo Checks in with Tom, Doug, and Lothar at the greeting table

Our meeting was opened by President Sandy Stewart leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, followed by an invocation by Andy Lorenz in which he recalled his late father’s lifelong battle with the ravages left by having Polio as a child. Rotary is thankful to be a major contributor to the near full eradication of this terrible disease.


Welcome Back Wells! 

Wells Marvin, our member, with whom we are all pleased by his return to our ranks, announced this coming weekend’s revival of "Art under the Umbrellas", one of our city’s most popular and well attended happenings in the Old Town shopping area.

Sandy Stewart asked for volunteers to assist with set-up of our meeting venue here at the Cliff House, next week, Friday Nov. 1st when we will be visited by our District Governor. The Gov. will induct new members and present them with their membership certificates at that meeting. All LQ Rotary Officers are requested to be at the Cliff House by 11:00 AM on that day, 11-1-13.

LQ Rotary’s Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, November 9th, at the Lumpy’s / Boucher Jewelry Parking Lot, combined with an Interact Car Wash nearby, and an open house held by Boucher's in their location. There will be a Garage Sale Booth Space charge of $35.00, plus $15.00 for a Table rental if desired. Rotarians exhibiting can bring their own tables at no-charge.

Jim Door’s Duck Race on the Indian Springs club stream, accompanied by his historically great ‘open-house’ and ‘mixer’ at the Dorr home, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 16th, 3-6 PM. Jim says that beer, and wine both white and red, will be provided. Those who crave stronger spirits may BYOB. Each attending Rotarian is also requested to bring a light snack or hors' oeuvre to share. A map and flyer will be distributed at the Club Meeting of 11/8/13.

Our Rotary Club 9-Hole Golf Tournament will be held after the first of January, depending upon availability of the course at Indian Springs. More later from Jim Dorr on this event.

Anyone who wants a custom Rotary Name badge for use at outside events please see Diane as the order cutoff date is this Friday November 1, 2013!!! 


Favorite Server Ray with Chicken Caesar and Wedge Salads

[Friday will be Ray's last day with us as he is in manager training at Ruth's Chris!]

 FineMaster, Allan, was productive of a few dollars for our charity coffers: David Turner told a story about his wife, Paula, and their grandchild's performance on stage at the McCallum with rock star Bryan Adams, for which he paid a fine of $20. Bruce Underwood contributed $20.00 for adding some remarks. Andy Lorenz paid $5.00 to plead not guilty of false accusations by Jennifer Donais claiming a misspelling of new member Myna [Editor's note here, Andy and Jennifer, please note that it is spelled M-Y-R-N-A] Weaver’s name in a recent club weekly bulletin. Lorenz did not write or edit last week's Club Bulletin.  Bruce Cathcart who does edit the weekly bulletin did step up and accept responsibility for missing Jennifer's mis-spelling of M-Y-R-N-A's name and paid a $20.00 fine.  Baird Boucher contributed $50.00 to the Rotary bank in following up on his promised 20% contributions of gross profits for jewelry or repair purchases by L.Q Rotarians. Don Adolph and Walter Keating had been recent new customers of Boucher’s, creating this generous donation.



Today was our club assembly and our Treasurer, Doug Motz led off stating that the goal this year is to take us into the following President's term with a balanced budget. Doug stated, "At this time, all bills are paid and we have a positive balance in the bank".


President Sandy leading our club assembly

Sandy stated that this year, increasing our membership is our highest priority, as it is with most clubs, and this is stressed by the RI District and by Rotary International. The point was emphasized by Membership Chairman, Dr. Bruce Underwood. Wells Marvin suggested we contact our former member, Christy Salamone, LQ Arts Foundation Executive Director, and ask her to consider our new "Corporate Member" classification, in which the attendance requirement can be shared by several designated executives of the organization. Wells said he will speak to Christy about this opportunity.

Wells also encourages us to make this same approach to Car Dealers, hotels, restaurants and professionals in our community. President Sandy will send out our Corporate Member guidelines to any member who requests them.

We will be selling beer at the upcoming Props and Hops event at the P.S. Air Museum. Also, we will sell beer at an upcoming car show, and participate, as usual in the Tour de Palm Springs bicycle event.

Our STRUT YOUR MUTT Dog show event will be held at the City Ball Park, same location as last year. This year's date, will be 03/29/14.

It was suggested we make a mailing to all members of the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce to promote this fine event.

Jim Dorr requests all members try to contribute new ideas for community events we can develop for the coming year, 2014.

Sandy reminded all new members and corporate members to participate in Rotary Committees for the coming fall and winter, including the Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army at Trader Joe's.

Sandy closed the meeting at 1:30 PM with a recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test.


Today's writer Andy Lorenz


Dick and Helen celebrating Dick's 50th reunion!!!  Congratulations!!!