Eunice, Baird and Adrian were at the greeting table this day!
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15.    Doug led the Pledge of Allegiance and Mark Rosen gave the invocation.
We had visiting Rotarians from near and far- North Carolina, Livermore CA, Indio Noon, Victoria BC, Stockton CA,  South El Monte CA.    Prospective member Jonathon Levin who will be an official member very soon, was visiting also.  Our affiliate member Abraham Thomas from Tiburon was also with us.  David Turner had his father Merton Turner with him visiting from South Dakota.
Strut your Mutt February 13th – we need everyone to pay for their pee signs and get involved in an area of volunteerism for the day of the event.  We mostly need volunteers for the Rotary table and a couple more for registration.
Desert Stock 2016- February 20th- volunteers are still being requested- meet at Doug’s office next Thursday if you are interested.   Also, see Sandy Lauer to order your tie dye shirt for this event.  Apparently there are still some people needed for the 6pm to 10pm shift.
RYLA interviews will be held at LaQuinta High School February 2nd.
Victoria Llort gave us the joke of the day- no blonde joke this week- along the lines of marine birds and baygulls….
The Raffle was $665 and Andy Lorenz was a $5 winner.
Dick Anderson presented a Paul Harris award to Merton Turner on behalf of Joanne Turner.  Dick explained that all funds given in this year will come back to the Club three years from now.  We have had a great year of contributions and Dick thanked everyone for their participation. 40 of 43 active members are Paul Harris Fellow Members- we’re shooting for 100%.
Bruce Cathcart took to the podium to fill in for Allan Levin and did a “fine” job.  He even shared a couple of additional jokes with us- one of which wasn’t half bad.  Fines included mostly no make-ups with one late fine (guess who?) and then the rest was mostly happy dollars for numerous different things along with a generous contribution from Marc Rosen for his new Ford Mustang GT convertible.  There was much talk also about sports- both pro football and college basketball.
Our speaker today was Laura Pellior, Associate Director with the Coachella Valley Small Business Development Center.  The SBDC is hosted by Coachella Valley Economic Partnership and is funded in part through a partnership with the US Small Business Administration.  Laura explained how important it is to have these resources available because since 2007 there have been more small businesses close/fail than start-up in the United States.  Since small businesses are what drive our economy, this is not a good sign.   Laura spoke about the different areas of the SBDC which offer multiple free services to business owners in the Coachella Valley.  Some of the services offered include: startup assistance, marketing, business plan assistance, equity financing assistance and preparation, debt financing assistance and preparation, financial analysis/cash flow management, strategic planning, and training events and workshops.  There is also free one on one business consulting.    Visit or call 760-340-1575 for more information.
President Doug Motz closed the meeting at 1:30 with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais