The 36th meeting of the 28th year of La Quinta Rotary was called to order by President Corry on May Day, whose temperature offered a harbinger of summer.  Nick led us in the salute to our flag and Ed offered an invocation.   Visitors included Dr. Jeff Gamble, guest of Jennifer, Amber Stanford and Victoria Llort.  Visiting Rotarians joined us from Westlake Village, La Jolla, Las Vegas, El Monte and South Carolina.
Later in the meeting, there was a flag exchange with three of the clubs represented.
Our next club board meeting will be on May 20th at 5:30 at Baird’s Fine Jewelers.  The District Conference is just around the corner (May 15-17).  On the evening of May 16th District Clubs will be trying to outdo each other with their hospitality room events.  Our club theme will be Argentina and President Corry promises some fun games, good wine and some Argentine Margaritas.  It is a fun time and it costs nothing to come out and enjoy some good Rotary fellowship.  The Demotion Party is tentatively planned for June 27th at the La Quinta Resort.  Master Chef de Dog, a.k.a. Alan, reported on a very successful day in the park celebrating La Quinta’s birthday. 
Guests, representing CV Spin, thanked us for our work and support of their bicycle events in the Valley.  They were very appreciative of President Corry’s active involvement in the course set up and removal.  In recognition of our support, they presented the club with a check for $2,500.00.  Coming this Fall, The Patriot Ride will be expanded to a two day event involving many Veteran service organizations.  It will be held in Indio, October 23rd and 24th.
With the pot at $715.00, Mark was a $5.00 winner.
Walter, our erstwhile Sergeant At Arms, stepped to the podium to review the deeds and misdeeds of the membership.  No make ups and birthdays were the order of the day for Sandy L. and Bob W.  Several members were called out for being late arrivals.  It was argued that, it was our President’s fault, since he started the meeting late.  If there is logic in that finding, please let me know.  Adrian gave happy dollars (19 of them) in recognition of the date upon which he proposed to his lovely wife, Rosemary.  Jeff noted that USC had several players selected in the recent NFL draft.  He asked Walter how the players from Oklahoma faired.  Walter replied they were staying in school to graduate.  Jeff also announced that Habitat For Humanity will be building two new homes in Palm Desert that will be made available to veterans.  Bob B. is heading back to Washington, but made a departing donation to the Guatemala Literacy Project.  Bob W. was appointed by Supervisor Benoit to the Coachella Valley Resources Board.  Happy dollars were also offered by Eunice and David A. (who has made two meetings in a row).
Our own Dr. Bruce Underwood was our speaker today.  Bruce’s passion for wellness and proper nutrition was very clear.  He challenged us by asking “What are you willing to do to live a healthy life?”  If we want to live longer, healthier lives, we have to set goals for ourselves.  To be successful, those goals must be reasonable and achievable.  The goals must also be unique to your own situation.  And when it comes to the end of life, Dr. Bruce would like it to be like a light bulb; bright to the end, and then out.  The keys to our health are exercise, diet, sleep and, of all things, wine (in moderation).  He also emphasized his focus on nutritional solutions to wellness.  As we sat there learning more about healthy living, the ice cream pie showed up.  Since most of us consumed the pie, it shows us how far we have to go to get our priorities aligned.  Thanks Dr. Bruce for keeping our health in focus.
President Corry then closed with the recitation of the Four Way Test. 
This week’s newsletter was written by Dick Anderson