Our meeting was called to order by President Robert at 12:15, with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Helen Anderson.  Lothar Vasholz gave the invocation.  Guests and Visitors were introduced.  Diane Kelly brought us a prospective new member, Dee Wierzinga, of Palm Desert.  Dee is the Administrator of the impressive new long term Alzheimers Care facility on Caleo Bay, near 48th Avenue.  Dee was originally from South Africa before immigrating to the USA.  Welcome, Dee.  Two other visitors, Canadians, Rotarian Graham Schreiber and his wife, Debbie, are from the Oakville-Trafalgar Club in Oakville, Ontario, (near Toronto.)


Graham told us about the remarkable annual fund-raising activity of his club. They produce one of the largest Barbecued Rib Cook-Off Events in Canada (maybe the largest in the world.)  "The Oakville-Trafalgar Family Ribfest", held June 21st thru 23rd, 4-10PM,  is attended by many thousands of people, and the club raises over $500,000.00 per year for their club's Charities.  One of the features of the event is that all the barbecuing activity is by professional specialist chefs from regional restaurants from Canada and the U.S., and is enhanced by a very large farmer's and flea market, along with numerous rides and entertainment venues for the children, all held on a local college campus.  We appreciate the Schreibers for sharing their fundraising success story.


Rotarian Tom McDermott is on the mend, out of Eisenhower, and should be back among us soon, reported Bruce Cathcart.  Bob Wright has had a battle with the flu, was back in Eisenhower briefly, and is now out and improving.


We have learned that our very active Rotarian, Cindy Hall, will soon leave us to move to Virginia to care for a daughter and grandchildren.  We wish you and your family well, Cindy!  Come back and see us!


The Interact Club party, last Saturday at David Archer's house, was said to be well attended and lots of fun!


Dick Anderson reported on the L.Q. Rotary supported, "East Coachella Health and Water Project", to bring clean, filtered, Arsenic free, water to the Polanco trailer park units for farm workers and others in need, in our eastern Coachella Valley - in the area of the former Duroville, and surroundings.  Our contributions go to the purchase and installation costs for specialized under-counter filter systems in each residential unit. Palm Desert Rotary's $3000 was deposited in the project account in support for our efforts.  The project is also contributing a refrigeration unit to the Galilee Center.  The Palm Desert Club will be the lead club next year and will set up a 'matching' grant program with R.I.  The Coachella and East Coachella Clubs are supporting us on the project.




Above is an example of a typical Nimbus under-counter water filtration system.  All such systems have been examined and approved by Dr. John Watkins, Ph.D., Environmental Health Officer for Riverside County. 


The water Project will have a Grand Opening and Ground Breaking ceremony sometime in June, to which we are all invited - and encouraged to attend.  Place, time and date to be announced!  Be there and be seen with John Benoit and other movers and shakers from around the Valley! Rotarians need to make an obvious presence.



Dick Anderson reminds us: "Now is the Time for all Good Rotarians to come to the Aid of the Rotary International Foundation."  It is that time of year when we should all make our annual pledges to the Foundation, or to commit to a monthly automatic credit card or bank draft made payable to, The Rotary Foundation".  Mark your Gift, "Share Program".  Consider that just $20.00 per month adds up to an annual contribution of $240.00!  The club needs to close out this year's fund drive by next Friday, June 7th.  Every Rotarian should consider a donation of at least $25.00 at this time. 

Think About It!



Sandy Stewart conducted the weekly raffle/drawing, which was won ($5.00) by our Canadian visitor, Graham Schreiber.  Graham very generously donated his winnings to our water project.


Fining and Recognition Activity:

Fine-master, Allan Levin, nabbed Walter Keating for leaving today to start his much needed vacation, rather than plan it for tomorrow, as he could have bought the Fine-Free Badge for June, and avoided perhaps a higher fine later.  Walter threw in $10.00, rather than argue.  (Walter's planned destination is/was Oklahoma city).  All of us who had their car  radios on after today's meeting heard loud and clear that Walter's planned destination was being slammed by still another tornado and the rain had dumped up to five feet of water on most of the area in the last 8 hours!  Are you nuts, Walter?  Probably you should be fined for poor judgment, but we do pray silently for the safety of your friends and relatives living in that area!


Andy Lorenz got caught up in the highly controversial rules issue of the timing of the 'date of availability' of the Fine-Free Badge.  Allan eloquently explained that any LQ Rotarian, having a fineable event upcoming, such as Lorenz's 52nd Anniversary, on June 3, cannot buy the F.F. Badge at the meeting preceding the date of said fineable event, if such meeting date occurs in said prior month."  Lorenz said, "Hunnh?" In the face of such logic, Lorenz threw in the towel, and IOU'd the Rotary Foundation for $25, and issued another IOU to Dick Anderson in amount of $27 for the East Coachella Water Project, all adding up to the intended fine amount - $52.00.


Bruce Franklin was fined $5.00 for arguing with the Fine Master (reasons not explained).


Wes Faris was nicked for $5.00 for a badge infraction, and Sandy Lauer was noted to be late, costing her too, $5.00.

Doug Motz was called to count due to some local advertising which touted that all of us should buy Farmer's insurance for our grandchildren.  Douglas contributed $20 for that 'faux pas'.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.  There was difficulty scheduling the program for today’s meeting due to the recent illness of Bob Wright. Bob Wright was forgiven.



There will a LQ Rotary Club Board meeting at Corry's/Lee Osborne's offices at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, 6/19.  If you are on the Board, or interested in these activities, be there!  President Robert brings good wine!  Also scheduled before or after that meeting, the LQ Rotary Foundation Board will finalize this years activities.