We all leave footprints as we move through life. The footprints of fathers and mothers can been seen in their children. Our business endeavors bear our unique footprint as we strive for success. We also leave a footprint on our Rotary club. That footprint is reflective of our involvement in the execution of "Service Above Self". What have I done lately for Rotary and my club? What does my footprint look like?

Our club has elected to focus on recruiting new members during the month of January. Our centerpiece for recruiting will be our social in January at the El Dorado Polo Club. In addition to being a unique social outing for the club, we are encouraging members to invite prospective members to this event. The club will cover the cost for those potential members. New members ensure the continuity and future of Rotary and our club.

This is your chance to enlarge your Rotary footprint and bring a prospective member to meet other Rotarians and learn about Rotary's commitment to our community and our world. Every business person you interact with is a potential member. If you think they would make a positive contribution in Rotary service, invite them to be your guest. We look forward to seeing you and your guest on January 16th at the El Dorado polo field.

Tomorrow begins a new year. As part of your New Year's resolution, include a commitment to make your Rotary footprint. Our club can only be as good as our commitment to make it so. And membership is the lifeblood of our future. Step up and accept the challenge.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!