President–Elect, Robert Wilkinson welcomed Summer Attendees to the Forty Sixth Meeting of the Twenty Fifth Year of La Quinta Rotary and called the meeting to order and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer of inspirational words by Lothar Vasholz.

President–Elect Robert welcomed visiting Guests of Rotarians.  Andy Brakebill presented his guest Abagail Beckert, the Past President of the La Quinta High School Interact Club and one of our scholarship recipients.  Diane Kelly introduced her granddaughter, Brittanie from Michigan and Greg Lane introduced his guest, Annie Hawk, a prospective member.

Important Dates and Announcements:

Doug Motz announced that June 23 is the Club Social to be held at the home of Jim and Karen Dorr.  Please remember to RSVP at or 760-702-3823 for a very special evening.

Robert announced also on that date, June 23, is the District Demotion-Installation at the Doral.

     Thanks to Governor Steve Wallace for your outstanding dedication and exemplary “Service Above Self” on behalf all The Rotarians in our District 5330. Congratulations and Welcome to our soon to be Governor for 2012-2013, Jean Easum.

June 30 – Drum Roll!!!  The Demotion Party is at the La Quinta Resort.  Please sign up with Sandy Stewart at  President David Archer has done an outstanding job as our leader this year.  It is celebration time to recognize David and Lori, who have made a great difference in our community and in our Club.  Will we continue to see him sporting a tie?  Robert, you have Big Shoes to Fill, and we know it will be an adventure next year with you at the helm.

The July 4th Carnival of Lights Celebration will be held at the La Quinta Community Park.  Activities Begin at 4:30 pm.  For more information, visit  Mark your Calendar and don’t forget to sign up for The Rotary Booth and Beer Garden.  Bring your family, your Friends and enjoy a salute to America in the heart of La Quinta.

Jim Dorr, Tabs for Tots Collector Extraordinaire, announced that the basket is slowly but surely filling.  It is 2/3’s full after ten months.  Let’s make this 100% full as I’m sure that a number of you are drinking a few brews in this heat.  If you don’t drink, collect from your friends for this good cause.

The Summer shift of our meeting location is going to happen soon, date TBA.  Robert announced the possible new meeting locations as LQ Country Club at 50th and Eisenhower, Red Robin, or Applebee’s.  The response was nearly deafening.  So, let Robert know right away where you want to meet.  Fourth option might be a Picnic in the Park with your own Bag Lunch.  Are you still reading the bulletin?

Grand Raffle- Pot of Marbles worth $92

The winning number was drawn by Phil Rushing, and coincidentally, the winner was the one and only Phil Rushing, who drew a white ball for $5.  As a proud Marine, we know his honor to be impeccable as attested by his worthy tablemates.

Special Speaker- Thanks to La Quinta Rotary


Abigail Beckert requested a few moments to express her appreciation to LQ Rotary for all their support.   Her Rotary sponsored experiences included PRIDE, RYLA, and service as President of Interact at La Quinta High School.  With her Rotary Scholarship, she will be attending College of the Desert as a Political Science Major and joining Rotoract.  She not only aspires to go to Georgetown University but also Law School and to be a Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholar.  WOW!  Abigail, we wish you well on your journey, and hope you achieve your goals.  Please stay in touch as you inspire us to help other students such as yourself.

Sergeant of Arms-Fine Master

Allan Levin takes his job seriously as few actions or infractions go unrecognized.  It was slim pickens at the recent meeting.  But on this rare occasion, Allan was standing in a very finable position for his TV appearance for The Campaign for Cancer for our own Steve Robbins.  Failing to acknowledge cries for more, Allan fined himself a mere $5. 

After that fine, the bar was lowered and fines were negotiated to the tune of:

$5 – No Make Up-Joe LaMantia, court appearance is not an excuse in A.L.’s book; $10- 2 no make ups - Bill Cosgrove; $5 – late - Sandy Laurer; Dick Jandt – anniversary - amount to be determined next week - no shaky answers next week-; $5 Greg Lane- no Board Meeting; $5 - no make up - Lother; $19 Ticket to Heaven- Adrian Gysi; $5 fast talkers additional tickets to heaven- Dave Turner, Leroy Anderson, and Andy Brakebill.  

Happy Dollars- Congratulations to All

$7- Doug Motz, Granddaughter’s 1st Birthday; $5 Merv - Things are Going Well; Don Adolph - Buses Will Run Again; $$$ Robert Wilkinson - Son invited back to Oregon and Daughter in Law finished Virginian, Episcopal, Theological Seminary.  

Happy Father’s Day