President Robert Wilkinson called the Thirty First meeting of the Twenty Sixth Year of La Quinta Rotary to order at 12:15pm. David Turner led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Jennifer Donais gave the invocation.

We had a couple of repeat visiting Rotarians along with many new visitors from places such as Washington, Oregon,  British Columbia, Alberta, along with a few from California .    Andy Brakebill also included his guest, potential member Pat.    Andy didn’t give us his last name- maybe he’s waiting to see if Pat wants to come back.

Key Dates and Announcements:

Board Meeting March 13, 2013 at 5:30 pm - Lee Osborne’s board room on Corporate Way.

Strut your Mutt meeting- Tuesday, March 12 at 5pmDave Turner’s office.

4 Way Speech Test- To be held March 18th- see Marc Rosen for details.

Strut Your Mutt- March 23rd- 10am to 4pm- 20+ vendors, contests, police dogs, guide dogs, etc.  See Dave Turner and committee for more details.   We are in need of raffle prizes so please get them to Dave Turner ASAP.  Also looking for more registrants- please tell all dog lovers!   A $5 donation will get them a hot dog, chips, and water/soda.  There will be flyers for members to distribute starting next week so get the word out to all your friends with furry (not cat-furry) friends of the event of the season- more info found at:

Joe LaMantia- Rotary Direct paperwork available.

Palm Desert Rotary Golf Tournament coming up - if you want to play contact Joe LaMantiaEast Coachella Club and Palm to Pines (PD Morning Club) are also having a fundraiser in the next month.

Interact Car Wash and Rotary Parking Lot Sale- April 6th-  Lumpy’s Parking Lot.  Clean out those closets and garages!

Robert Wilkinson will be attending the CVEP Pathways to Success seminar to get the info on the Scholarship Matching Partner grant for $15,000.00 maximum on Monday, March 11th.

Lothar Vasholz announced that the California National Guard would like to gather names of those employers that employ National Guard members.  If you are an employer of National Guard members or know employers who are,  please let Lothar know so he can include them on the list.

Nick Kraushar spoke about tee signs - if you want a new one or your repeat sign for $50, please contact Nick.


There was a presentation of club flags from the Grass Valley, CA area clubs to Robert Wilkinson.


A while ago, Dick Anderson reached out to our visiting Rotarians from Canada about our club needing a match of funds from a foreign club in order to get additional funds for the water filter project and Galilee Center project.  Ken Sergeant, from the Grand Prairie, Alberta club was proud to present a $4100.00 check as a partner in this project!  What an exciting time for the East Valley as many of its citizens are drinking tainted well water.  Thank you so much to our neighbors to the North - your generosity is much appreciated!!

In 2007, a scholarship was awarded to Britni Vineri but was never redeemed.  Britni recently passed away from complications of grand mal seizures and her father, John Vineri, visited our club to request that the scholarship amount be contributed to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  Motion passed unanimously. Her father told us a little bit about Britni and thanked our club for the outreach to the community.

The raffle had a big pot of $600.  After what seemed like forever, Robert Wilkinson drew Leroy Anderson’s ticket, with Leroy picking a $5 marble.

Allan Levin, Sergeant at Arms, took the podium, and collected for the few sparse things he was able in way of birthdays, anniversaries, and a few lates including Dave Archer for being late and a birthday.  David Turner contributed $5 for not being late for a long time.  Allan Levin contributed $5 for his trip to see his son in Berkeley.  David Archer contributed $5 for his son winning the triple jump at the last La Quinta High track meet.  Dick Grund  announced the Old Town Artisans Studio Golf Tournament on April 15th at Mountainview Country Club.  Ben Hofmeier contributed for the great job Bruce Cathcart did last week.  Sandy Lauer contributed for the Grand Prairie’s grant contribution and no Rotary pin.  Adrian Gysi gave $19 for being from La Quinta - classic Adrian.  Bruce Underwood made a contribution for his Kansas basketball team.  Our visiting Rotarians were the real contributors making contributions on behalf of themselves.  Also, a thank you to Bruce Cathcart for filling in for Allan last week.

Our speaker was Nate Otto, President of Hot Purple Energy.  Nate and his wife love the valley and enjoy raising their daughter here.  Nate’s goal was to debunk some of the myths of solar energy.  He didn’t want to sell us anything, but wanted to raise awareness and educate on the area of energy consumption and ways to save energy with many small steps.  Their blog, , gives many ways to reduce your energy consumption.  Most people can lower their consumption 10-30% with those small steps.  Solar is a viable option to reduce fossil fuel consumption and lower your energy bills.  This is still a relatively new industry and Nate warned us about using a reputable company such as Hot Purple Energy and Renova.   We can also reduce our carbon footprint by buying locally grown food, buying food in season, riding a bike, growing a garden, etc.   There is a lot of advertising on the radio about leases- be aware and educate yourself before determining if that option is right for you - it is only for about 5% of Nate’s customers.   Nate then took many questions from the audience as he claimed they were too quiet.  Thank you Nate for the educational talk.

President Robert Wilkinson thanked Nate for speaking and closed the meeting at 1:30 with the Four Way Test.