Lee, Corry and Sandy are greeted by Tom, Doug and Baird
It was Friday the 13th (triskaidekaphobia) and a rare full moon expected!  President-elect Corry Hunter called the 45th meeting of the 27th year of La Quinta Rotary Club to order.  The question of the day was... where was the current president?   Were other members with her as there was a sparse crowd.
The flag salute was led by Shepard Smith (the young lawyer interning with Bill Cosgrove's firm).  Walter Keating led us in words of prayer and thought. 
There was only one visiting Rotarian, a friend of Baird's from Oregon.
President Elect Corry makes this week's announcements
Announcements included an upcoming Board meeting next Wednesday, June 18th at Boucher Fine Jewelers store. 
Italian spun 18 karat gold vermeil over sterling
NECKLACE Retail $350.00 BRACELET Retail $200.00
EARRINGS  Retail $200.00 to be donated by Baird Boucher
(Boucher's Fine Jewelry) at the Demotion Party
Also announced was the upcoming dinner honoring (???) the absent Sandy Stewart.  It's on Saturday night, June 28th at the La Quinta Resort.  The cost is $50 per person.
It's incumbent upon all members to contribute to the Paul Harris Foundation prior to the end of June.  The Club needs 100% participation.  Contact Dick Anderson for further info.
Bruce was our $5.00 raffle winner today
Bruce Underwood had his number chosen and he chose a white marble ($5).  The pot will soon be approaching $300.00!
Favorite Server Amy with today's special bacon wrapped salmon salad
Bruce officially inducts Osborne Rincon as our newest Corp. Member
The CPA firm of Osborne and Rincon was inducted as a corporate member. Bruce Underwood did a fine presentation... even attempting to cite the 4 way test by memory.  The Friday the 13th gods were against him however. Welcome to the local CPA firm which includes partners Lee Osborne and Pedro Rincon as well as incoming president and CPA Corry Hunter.
Allan prepares to recognize the members!
Allan Levin  (with much prodding) finally appeared at the podium (and after dishing today's reporter) raided some needed dollars from Rey Neufeld, Corry Hunter, Dick Jandt, Sandy Lauer, Andy Lorenz, Nick, Jimbo, Lee Osborne, Bruce Cathcart,  Bruce Underwood, Joe LaMantia .
Today's speakers were our own Doug, Corry and Tom
Sandy Lauer took over the podium and introduced our three speakers... Our very own incoming President Corry Hunter, President-elect Doug Motz and Secretary Tom McDermott.
Each member was asked not to talk about their business and so we were able to learn more about the personal side of their lives.  Tom started off sharing his childhood dream of becoming a sportswriter and a journalist, but through various twists of fate and some close encounters with the FBI and the communist party while attending UCLA he ended up as California's Trial Attorney of the year last year!  Doug shared with us some of his experiences growing up in Palm Springs and how his family has grow over the years but that he still enjoys BBQ's each Sunday at his home with his children and grandchildren.  Corry shared with us some of his adventures in the army as a "tanker" which he described as cruising in a 70 ton off-road vehicle looking for trouble!  As our in coming president Corry promised us a new, high tech podium with a built-in microphone and speaker system along with a new flag next year.  In addition he will be championing a new club slogan of "Busy professionals doing the right thing!" 
President elect Corry then closed the meeting by leading the members (properly and without error this time) in the four way test.
This newsletter was written by Merv Kolb