The end of this month is traditionally when our Snow Birds return to their summer homes. We still had a few visitors from Washington, Canada and California at Friday's meeting. La Quinta Rotary has enjoyed getting to know our visitors and wish them a safe trip home.

After the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation, President Dan thanked everyone for making the Golf Tournament a success and is looking forward to finding out how much money was raised. Sandy Lauer thanked the volunteers who worked on tournament day; they started at 9:30am and worked all through the awards show. Without these volunteers the Golf Day would not have happened.

Robert Wilkinson was not at the meeting as he was playing in the snow in Big Bear with the students La Quinta Rotary sent to RYLA. Rotarians At Work day is also coming up: more to follow. Joe LaMantia gave us an update on wife June's condition. She cannot have visitors yet, but our Club wishes June LaMantia a speedy recovery. Jacques Abels is now home, we hope to see him back at Friday's meetings soon. Dan had an idea that we should always have a black and a white marble in the bag so if we get to the end with only two marbles there still would be a chance of picking a white marble.

Allan was ready for the task of Sergeant of Arms; there were very few people to fine for no make ups because of volunteering or playing in the Golf Tournament. Not to be discouraged, Allan found a few people with birthdays, wives' birthdays and people who just wanted to give away money. Palmer paid what he owed and didn't give a business card. He now owes zero.

Our speaker was Lance Davis, Owner of Killer Bees Gourmet Honey. His talk created quite a buzz. Lance is a well known Bee Keeper in the Coachella Valley. He puts his bees to work for our local farmers and uses the honey for his commercial venture. He produces the best tasting honey you can buy and generously gave a jar of his wonderful honey to all in attendance. We learned about the habits of bees, their life cycle and how genetically modified foods can affect the normal cycle of bees. There were very good questions asked by the members and we all enjoyed this unique learning experience.

Footnote: I would personally like to thank the members of the Golf Committee who helped make the Golf event a success.
Dick and Helen Anderson, for Scholarship sponsors and arranging pictures for the golfers.
Ed Casey for sitting by Hole #17 all day, hoping someone would win the Cadillac.
Jim Dorr for printing signs, working with the Golf Club on the Tournament and securing Chevrolet-Cadillac of La Quinta as a title Sponsor.
Jennifer Donais for printing cards for the raffle items and running credit cards.
Diane Kelly for putting together the Goody Bags and getting JFK as a sponsor.
Sandy Lauer who worked tirelessly getting raffle/ auction prizes, organizing them, recruiting and working with the Volunteers on the day of the tournament.
Andy Lorenz for managing and designing new tee signs, designing and printing the Program and donating the Toshiba HD Camcorder and case as a raffle prize.
Bruce Underwood for two major sponsors, Eisenhower-Argyros Health Center and Costco, and also working as a volunteer on golf day.
Steve Sanchez for The Desert Radio Groups Sponsorship and donating his time as MC.