Bob, Dick, Bob and Jimbo are greeted by Eunice, Sandy and Adrian
The Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance at 12:15 PM, followed by the invocation led by Andy Lorenz.
President-elect Baird Boucher introduced special guest, and our speaker for today, the Hon. Linda Evans, La Quinta Mayor.  Other guests were prospective member, Roger Gavin-Wenatchee, WA; frequent visitors- Rotarians Bob Woodward, from North Carolina, Tom Walker of Vancouver Isle, Canada and Grant Balewski, from Alberta, Canada. 
Victoria and Valentine Llort enjoying lunch
Club Comedienne, Victoria Llort, treated us to a joke, in which she asked one of our members, “Is that a hole in your shoe?” And when the member answered, “I don’t have a hole in my shoe”., Victoria replied by asking, “Well then, how did you get your foot in it?”  The Rotary audience was insufficiently amused!
Captain Dick Anderson had bought the “lucky” lottery ticket for the day, 6444487, but proved to be only a $5.00 winner.
Dick also directed the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship Certificate to Valentine Llort, sister of member (and also a Paul Harris Fellow), Victoria Llort.  The club congratulates both of the very generous Llort sisters for these contributions.
Past President, Corry Hunter, a tireless worker for the “Tour de PSP” bicycle event, reported that the race went smoothly and profitably the previous weekend.  The club thanks and honor’s Corry and his committee members for all of their community service!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin stepped up to the podium and began to recognize several of our members for their deeds and misdeeds.  The aging Past President, Dave Turner admitted to his recent (50+) birthday which will not occur until next month in February.  He paid a modest $10, but promised to bid enthusiastically and generously for the Fine Free Badge next week!  He also bragged of his grandson’s achievement of “Straight A’s” on his last report card!  Diane Kelly luckily found $10.00 on the floor, promptly donating it to the fine basket!  “USC Watty” (Jeff Wattenbarger) volunteered a $5.00 contribution for the USC victory of the prior week, which he promised to double at the meeting on 2-5-16!  Our very supportive regular visitor, Dick Grund, donated $5.00 on general principles!  Dr. Bruce Underwood donated $5.00 in celebration of his attorney son acquiring a new position in a legal firm, and in apologizing for praising former President, Bill Clinton, of whom he is a big fan.   Bruce Cathcart stated his children's rock band has completed another CD, and was enthusiastic to the "tune" of $20.00!  Rey Neufeld donated $5.00 for a win by the Chino Hills team.  Walter Keating donated $5.00 for another O.U. Victory, and “Lucky Ed” Casey contributed $10.00 in celebration of another good run of $100 at the local tables.

Speaker of the Day- The Honorable Linda Evans, Mayor of La Quinta
Our recently elected new Mayor, the dynamic and exciting Linda Evans, gave us an informative report of recent events and goings-on in our fair city.  A controversial development project of a service station and fast food complex is proposed for the intersection of Washington and 50th streets.  The development is drawing some negative comments from local neighbors, but will be considered after hearing all the pros and cons, and a thorough and professional review of the plans and facts, or as they say, a fair trial and a first class hanging!
The Mayor discussed financial statistics and the relative costs of our police protection and other departments, amounts of sales taxes the city receives each year, and a number of other matters relating to the expenses, statistics and challenges of managing and operating our attractive and efficiently run home town.
All of this was cleverly presented with the aid of an interactive game that club members and guests were able to play via their cell phones!
The actual winner of the game was Cory Kelly's guest and potential new member Courtney.
We are all very proud of our mayor and the fantastic job that she is doing for all of us.
President elect Baird closed the meeting with the four way test.
This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz