Bruce and Bill are greeted by Tom, Doug and Jeff at the greeting table


On a bright and sunny Friday, with little wind, the La Quinta Rotary Club, celebrating its 28th year as a Rotary club, met for the 37th time this year.  President Sandy called the meeting to order and asked Merv Kolb to lead us in the pledge to our flag.  Corry Hunter offered the invocation. 


Members and guests gather in fellowship

While most of our snow birds have flown north and east, a few visiting Rotarians remain, representing Washington, Texas, and North Carolina.  Doug Motz’s father was visiting from the Indian Wells Rotary Club.  We also welcomed representatives from CV Spin, aka Tour D’ Palm Springs and Ride for Heroes.


President Sandy makes this week's announcements


President Sandy began her announcements by asking all who had not done so to please pay their fee for the fence signs at “Strut Your Mutt”.  We need to finalize the books.

The City’s 32nd birthday will be celebrated tomorrow, April 26th.  Drill Master Jandt says he has all the volunteers he needs to serve up our tasty hot dogs, but all are welcome to come and have a hotdog on the La Quinta Rotary grill. 

Our District Conference will be held the weekend of May 2nd.  Attendance is encouraged and volunteers are needed for the Hospitality Room.  

Our next Board meeting will be on May 21st at Baird’s Fine Jewelers at 5 p.m. 

On May 26th we will again do another thing well, pouring beer at the Palm Springs Air Museum annual “Hops and Props”.  Look for the signup sheet soon. 

If you want to play 9 holes of golf an May 16th, contact Doug Motz or Jim Dorr.


Helen shares the displays for the GLP and East Valley Water Project


These will be displayed at the district conference this weekend


Helen Anderson reported that RI has approved a grant for the Guatemala Literacy Project for a total of $339,000.00, the largest ever for the project.  She thanked the club for its support.  Helen also reported the acceptance by RI of the completion report for our East Coachella Valley matching grant. 

A guest of Merv’s was a $5 winner in our drawing.


Corry receives a check for $3,500.00 from Tim Esser and Daphne Jasperse

Our special guests from CV Spin, Tim Esser and Daphne Jasperse,  then came to the podium to recognize our club's support, and particularly that of Corry Hunter, in their recent bicycle races.  They presented the club with a check for $3,500.00!  Great job, Corry.


Meet Emilio, our soon to be NEW favorite Server with soup and sandwiches



Fine Master Allan prepares to recognize members

Allan Levin, our erstwhile Fine Master, came forward to recognize the great and not so great deeds of club members.  Unfortunately, there was not a lot of either.  Jim Dorr did make a significant contribution for his no make ups and the trip he took that caused the no make ups.  Dick Grund is heading north soon and left us something to remember him by.  Allan did recognize his anniversary as well as that of Bruce Underwood. 


Walter was having a "pouring" problem interupted by a phone call

David Archer was flocked and paid and then made an unsolicited call to Walter Keating, who had neglected to silence his cell phone.  The ring was noticeable.


A pre-meeting of the scholarship committee commited $15,500.00

toward La Quinta High School scholarships this year! 


Marc Rosen announced that he and his committee had selected twelve La Quinta High School senior to receive scholarships totaling $15,500.00.


President Sandy with our speaker Larry Bohannon of the Desert Sun


Merv Kolb introduced our speaker, Larry Bohannon.  Larry is the Golf Editor for the Desert Sun, having been on the job since 1986.  I apologize to our readers for my short commentary.  I was so engrossed in his stories of golf that I stopped taking notes.  He emphasized the importance of golf in the Coachella Valley and its impact on our valley's growth, development and our economy.  In 1951 Hollywood came to play golf here in the Coachella Valley.  Lots on the golf courses went for $2,000.00.  The first Country Club was Thunderbird, followed closely by Tamarisk.  1960 was the inaugural year of the Palm Springs Open Golf Tournament.  In 1965 it became known as the Bob Hope Classic.  Larry shared his concern about the future of golf.  In five years, the number of golfers in this country dropped from 30 million to 25 million.  400 golf courses closed nationwide in 2013.  Fortunately, none were in the valley.  He envisions more country clubs in the valley going public in the near future.  Though not being very well received, Larry has been a proponent of "Tee it Forward" which recomends that tee boxes be placed closer to the greens and golf holes with cups 13+" in diameter.  The idea being to make the game of golf easier and thus more fun and hopefully more popular.  [Editior's comment, the next thing you know they will want to add windmills, castles and big clown heads... oh wait, isn't that what miniature golf is all about?]  Larry was a very informative and entertaining speaker and we thank him for joining us last Friday.

President Sandy thanked our speaker and closed the meeting by asking all to recite the Four Way Test.



This wwek's newsletter was written by Dick Anderson