Diane, Victoria, Sandy and Dan are greeted by Eunice, Baird and Adrian
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15 and then led us in the pledge of allegiance.  The invocation was given by our newest member Roberta Kuskie.
Proposed new member Maria Melecio is introduced
Dr. Dang visits our club
Our only visiting Rotarian today was our speaker Rick Clark.  Guests and prospective members included Andy Lorenz’ neighbor Roger Gavin, Baird Boucher’s guest Dr. Dang, Merv Kolb’s neighbor and proposed new member Howard Silverman, and Elisa Silva’s friend and proposed new member Maria Melecio.
Blonde jokes were offered up by Victoria, Walter and Bruce which were equally received by the members with more groans than grins!
Announcements included:
Suds for Scholarships was announced, then canceled a couple of days later.  For those who did not get the memo I hope you found a suitable replacement respite for the evening.
President Doug asked that members contact him at his email address (below) regarding our annual Strut Your Mutt event.  Apparently those club members who have been shouldering the load for the past three years are a little burnt out and will need to be replaced if this event is to continue as our major fund raiser.  Comments (and volunteers) can contact Doug at dougmotz@yahoo.com.
Dues are past due as of now if you haven't already made payment.  Our fine master is already making a naughty and nice list.  Members are advised that it is cheaper to be on the “nice” list.
Victoria Llort asked that all current members with a Facebook account “friend her”.  Once you become Victoria’s friend you apparently get to learn all of Victoria’s secrets and enter secret chat rooms where only members can share intimate desires and … wait, I might be thinking of something else here.  Anyways, friend Victoria and get involved with our club’s social media.
Our raffle was $149 today and the winner of $5 was Sandy Lauer
Yucaipa Rotarian and President Doug Exchanged Club flags
Our fine master, Allan Levin, started the day’s collection by fining himself for missing the most recent board meeting.  He then proceeded to fine Dan Fissori for the same offense.  Dan protested asking Allan how he knew Dan wasn’t in attendance, since Allan himself was not present at the meeting.  Allan had to remind Dan that he was the know-all, be-all, see-all powerful Wizard of fining and that his ways and means are far beyond mortal comprehension… and of course that someone had ratted Dan out!  Dick Jandt paid 50 cents a year for his 74th birthday.  Bob Wright paid $30 for what he termed “multiple sins”.  Wells Marvin paid only $20 for his multiple sins which I can only assume were 2/3rds as bad as Bob’s.  Joe LaMantia found himself in a Sandy sandwich as he was seated between Sandy Lauer and Sandy Stewart.  All were fined not once, but twice for excessive chatter!   And finally President Doug gave up some happy dollars for his beloved Chargers’ great start to their football season.
Today we were fortunate to have Adria Poindexter from Live Mobile Solutions present to perform the Live Scan Fingerprinting and process the paper work for Rotarians to complete their Live Scan requirement for working with children and teenagers in Rotary Programs and on Rotary Projects.
As part of the Live Scan process our fellow Rotarian and speaker today, Rick Clark, presented the required class information on working with youth and the youth protection services.   Rick started his presentation by sharing with everyone that the District 5330 Youth Protection Policy Guidelines are available to everyone online at http://www.rotary5330.net/ .  He then provided members in attendance with a 6 page handout and covered such topics as Signs of Abuse and Harassment, Conduct, Supervision, Preventing False Accusations of Child Abuse, Allegation Reporting Guidelines, Abuse and Harassment Reporting, and the definitions of Abuse and Harassment.  Some of the important take-aways included that some forms of touching are acceptable as long as they are respectful and appropriate (age appropriate as well), always have “two deep” supervision… in other words, never allow yourself to be alone (if possible) with children or teenagers, and that as Rotarians we have a responsibility to report child abuse to Law Enforcement and/or child protective services when it is discovered.  It was a very comprehensive and eye opening presentation.  Thank you Rick for a great presentation and for all that you do for Rotary and our community.
On a sad note, the club accepted former Mayor Don Adolph’s resignation from the club citing health issues as the reason.  Don was an active member of the La Quinta Rotary Club for many years and his presence will be missed.  Hopefully he will attend our meetings when time and circumstance allow.
At 1:25 President Doug called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart