President David called our meeting to order and asked Joe LaMantia to lead us in the pledge and Dick Anderson to give the invocation.  He then asked if we had any visitors.  It was the first time in this writers memory that there were no visitors or visiting Rotarians.  We are definitely in the dark days of summer.  

The schedule of important dates and events was announced.  On August 5 th , we will have a Club Assembly.  This will be a time for the club to reflect on the goals for this Rotary year, and the challenges that lay ahead.  President David reported that our first Board meeting of the year was held last Wednesday.  Many of the items discussed at the Board meeting will be part of the Assembly.  The next Club social is July 26 th , using the Palm Springs Tram to briefly escape the heat on the desert floor.  The next Board meeting will be on August 3 rd and, most importantly, our District Governor, Steve Wallace, will visit the club on December 16 th .  Mark your calendars!  Merv Kolb was a $5.00 raffle winner.

Our Sergeant at Arms was in fine form today.   Allan recognized Nick Kraushaar for a couple of missed meetings and Joe LaMantia for providing free legal advice during the meeting.  He then turned to Past President Dan Fissori and recognized the fact that he missed his first Board meeting as Past President.  After some pocket searching, Dan was able to offer some financial appeasement.  Mike Sutton is celebrating an anniversary this month.  Ed Casey made Allan's day with a very generous contribution in recognition of Ed's and his wife's birthdays and anniversary.  Diane Kelly happily announced that she was a great grandmother.


Our speaker today was Dr. Patricia Avila.  Dr. Avila has recently been appointed Medical Director of the Eisenhower Wellness Institute in La Quinta and spoke to us about "Living Well At Any Age".  The key to longevity is lifestyle.  She offered three tips to living longer with a quality lifestyle.  First, belong to a social organization and be involved in its activities.  Second, consume twenty-five different colors of food daily.  And third, move as much as you can every day.

More and more people are living to be more than 100 years of age, with over 70,000 living in the U.S. and ninety percent are women.  There are "Blue Zones" in the world that have an unusually large population of centurions and each has a particular lifestyle characteristic.  Sardinians enjoy long meals and drink a lot of red wine.  Costa Ricans have many sexual partners.  Okinawans are calm and caring and Loma Linda residents have a faith based orientation.  The one common characteristic of these groups is that none smoke!

So here is the deal.  Be calm and caring, enjoy long meals, drink red wine all day, make love all night with the partner of your choice, have faith that somebody cares about you and you too can live to be over 100 years old.  On the flip side, if you are a teetotalling, monogamous, on the go agnostic, you might as well give up and start smoking.  You don't have a chance.

Have a great day and keep on moving!