Nick is greeted by Eunice, Baird and Adrian this week
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15.    Jennifer Donais led the Pledge of Allegiance and Dr. Bruce Underwood gave the invocation.
We had visiting Rotarians from near and far- Ohio, Washington, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Stockton and Cyberspace (e-club visitor). 
Victoria Llort had two guests with her today also.
Strut your Mutt volunteers were brought to the front to be recognized for their service.  A big thank you to Corry Hunter for all of his work before and the day of the event- it couldn’t have been pulled off without him.
DesertStock 2016- volunteers were also called to the front by President Doug to be recognized- many of the same faces from Strut your Mutt.  A shout out to those that gave up a day two weekends in a row for fundraising.  A total of $5874 was raised for Rotary during this event and all who attended said it was a great one!
RYLA interviews were held February 2nd and Robert Wilkinson announced that our club would be sending 7 young women & 3 young men to the camp in April.
President Doug announced the Rotarian of the Month as Dave Turner and presented a certificate to him in recognition.
Victoria Llort gave us two jokes of the day- no blonde jokes this week.  Something about two tired fish driving a tank or something like that.
Today's raffle total was $89 and Diane Kelly was a $5 winner.
Allan Levin took to the podium to do what he does bests- harass the masses and collect their dollars!  David Turner was fined for being late.  Greg Lane paid for some no make-ups along with his wife’s birthday.  Judith Redwine paid for some no make-ups.  Howard Silverman paid for his birthday as he will be gone next week celebrating with his family.  Marc Rosens wife is having a birthday and he donated to the cause.  Happy Dollars were given for many reasons starting with our visitor from Ohio.  Other happy dollars were donated for a new vehicle, lost cousins found, and another donation from last week’s winnings from Adrian Gysi of an additional $100 from his raffle winnings.  Robert Wilkinson gave some happy dollars to celebrate his medals won last weekend when he won the high jump and the softball throw.  We fully expect Robert to continue to get younger.  Our visitor from cyberspace gave some happy dollars for interacting face to face at a real meeting.  Doug Motz gave some dollars for his great trip to Colorado and Bruce Cathcart gave some money for his kid’s CD release. Robert Wright gave some happy dollars for his 4th grandchild born last week.  Victoria Llort and her guest both gave some happy dollars to round out the cause. 
President Doug introduced our speaker Lt. David Walton, our police chief for the City of La Quinta for the past three years. He started out with a joke which brought about some raucous laughter.   Mr. Walton has been with the Sheriff’s department for 25 years.  He has worked in all capacities in the department from patrol officer to motorcycle patrol officer to now lieutenant.  He inherited a $14.8 million dollar budget.  He does all the day to day operations of the police department in La Quinta.  He is the first police chief to actually give money back to the City of La Quinta.  Costs usually go up annually at a rate of 7% in the seventeen contract cities within the Coachella Valley.  Thanks to Lt. Walton's great work La Quinta’s only went up 3.5% this past year.  There are new challenges every day for the police department here in La Quinta ranging from the POTUS visit to the Coachella Valley last month to our seasonal arts and music festivals as well as various other large events.  Just this last week “Operation Safe Coachella” took place in which the Sheriff’s Department served injunctions (civil cases) against 150 gang members deemed to be "a menace to society".  The gang they served the injunctions on have been in Coachella since the 1960's and continue to commit crimes in other areas of the valley, not just Coachella.  La Quinta was added as a safe zone based on the work of the officers of La Quinta over the past year.  They successfully demonstrated that there were Coachella gang members congregating in the City City of La Quinta and that these members needed to be included in the injunctions.  Every person they were able to identify added to the safe zone area. They seized money, drugs, assault rifles, pistols, etc. along with serving them with injunction papers requiring them to show up in court.   It was a tremendously successful endeavor for our local Sheriffs department.  Lt. Walton shared with us about the Citizens on Patrol program and how it has grown from 8 members in 2013 to 25 members today.  He also addressed the lack of access to our city's gated communities by police officers.  Fire departments have keys to get into the developments during emergencies but don’t share those keys.   Through the efforts of Lt. Walton, La Quinta City Council passed an ordinance to require the Home Owner's Associations of gated communities to install a key at all gates for the policemen within the next year.  Finally, Lt. Walton wanted to make sure that he personally thanked the club for the plaque in the Police Department saying that La Quinta Rotary supports its officers (the “We’ve Got Your Back” program).  Lt. Walton says it means so much to his 64 officers to know that members of the community are in support of them doing their jobs every day.  We want to thank Lt. Walton for his service to each of us and to our community each and everyday. 
President Doug Motz closed the meeting at 1:40 with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais