It was another perfect day in La Quinta with cloudless skies and high temperatures in the low to mid 70’s, just one more in a string of “Chamber of Commerce” days that began two weeks before Christmas and has been marred only by one day of wind and another with just a kiss of rain.  Who would want to be anywhere else at this time of year?


President David Archer called the 27th meeting of the 25th year of the Rotary Club of La Quinta to order and Helen Anderson led the club in the pledge of allegiance followed by an  invocation by Greg Lane with a special acknowledgement for Karen Kolb.




At the greeting table this week we had Doug Motz substituting for Sandy Stewart, Corry Hunter keeping track of the money as usual and President Elect Robert Wilkinson selling the raffle tickets and obviously working on his fund raising skills in preparation for next year!


President Dave made the rounds and introduced our visiting Rotarians noting that our Washington contingent is back as well as several visitors from the Great White North including from such faraway places as Alberta Canada, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Oregon to name a few.  We had a few special guests in attendance today including member Doug Motz’ wife Carol and member Dave Turner’s Mom, Dad and wife Paula (more on the Turner’s later).  President Dave reminded us all about the Tab for Tots program spearheaded by Jim(bo) Dorr and also about some special upcoming dates to remember including Past RI President Frank Devlyn’s luncheon to be held at Desert Falls CC on February 28, 2012 from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM and the Spring Clean Community Garage Sale on March 31, 2012.  Walter Keating and Corry Hunter made an announcement about the upcoming Tour De Palm Springs noting that we need just a few more volunteers to sign up. 




Corry declared the Rotary participation in the beer garden at the La Quinta Chamber Car Show a total success with gross beer sales at $1,800.00 and a net donation to our club and the Chamber of $500.00 each.  This of course came as no surprise to our membership as it is common knowledge that La Quinta Rotarians excel at the selling of beer at special events! Robert Wilkinson made an announcement about the upcoming Rotary Tennis Challenge to take place on March 31-April 1, 2012 suggesting that the membership try and find their old tennis rackets, dust them off and sign up in the special Rotarian only, unrated, and unskilled division.  This should be a fun event for all and participation is encouraged at all levels! 


ImageOur newest (fulltime) member Phil Rushing was the lucky raffle ticket winner for the second week in a row and for the second week in a row selected the white marble from the black bag and collected another $5 green dollars which clashed with his Technicolor purple paisley shorts.


There was a new Paul Harris Fellow inducted today.  It was Dave Turner’s father Merton Turner from South Dakota (no relationship to the musicians Ike and Tina Turner).  After the induction Dave gave a very heart felt speech about his father and what a great inspiration and mentor that he has been not just for Dave but for many others by living a life filled with generosity and good deeds.  Truly Dave, the fruit does not fall far from the tree!




Lunch was served about the same time our fantastic fine Master Allan Levin took to the podium.  The lunch by the way (in addition to the usual salads) was the Cliff House BBQ Rack ‘O Ribs served with French Fries and slaw which were quite tasty!  After a very spirited auction Dave Turner was the winning bidder for the Fine Free Badge at $65.00.  This excused his wife Paula for arriving even later than Dave usually arrives to the meeting and the birth of his first granddaughter (congratulations Dave!).  Past member Mark Weber showed up today and paid $5.00 for the privilege of selling 50-50 raffle tickets to support scholarships provided by his home club (The Coachella Valley East club).  Allan then proceeded to fine several members for no make-ups, sign ups but no show ups, and of course Phil Rushing for his promised to be the newest trendsetting style in shorts (yeah, like purple paisley is making a come-back!). Bill Cosgrove donated a few bucks for a no make-up and his personal efforts to restore Greece’s economy by vacationing and spending his American dollars there.  Ray Gregory made a contribution for his spouse’s birthday and Dave Archer paid some “warning dollars” to let us all know that his 16 year old son passed his driver’s test and will now be out on the road among us… so beware!  Finally Merv Kolb paid some happy-sad dollars for all of the phone calls, cards and emails that he received from club members in support of his wife Karen.  It was announced that there will be a celebration of life for Karen Kolb at Sun City Del Webb (Palm Desert) on February 19th from 2-4:00 PM.  All are invited to attend.




Our Speaker this day was Karen Hobson our “District 5330 Membership Chair”.  She is a Founding Member of the Wildomar Rotary Club and is serving her second year as the District Membership Chair.  Oddly, she was the President of her Rotary club before she had ever attended a Rotary meeting!  As a Founding Member of the Wildomar Rotary Club, she said she refused to be the club Secretary or Treasurer since she possessed lousy record and book keeping skills… so of course they made her President!  Karen had a very clever means of getting us all to think about Rotary Membership and different ways to promote and encourage both new members while retaining existing members.  She broke the members in attendance at the meeting into small groups and led us in a game of Membership Monopoly!!!  The game was a riot as many members who appeared to be “board game challenged” quickly learned that all membership issues could be solved by the camaraderie promoted through the selling of beer and hot dogs at special events!  Okay, of course there were many other great ideas proffered during the event and it really was a great way to get everyone involved and thinking about Rotary membership.  Karen was a really good sport about everything and made sure that everyone had a good time while at the same time promoting membership in Rotary.  Oh, and for the record, the winning table in Membership Monopoly included Allan Levin, Walter Keating, Frank Blum and Bruce Cathcart… not bragging, just reporting!


President Dave closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.