On a bright and sunny afternoon, President Sandy gaveled to order the 44th meeting of the 27th year of La Quinta Rotary.  After Dick Jandt led us in the flag salute, Ed Casey offered the invocation.  We actually had two visiting Rotarians, although Ricardo Loretta was just over from Palm Desert.  Our other visiting Rotarian was from Seattle.  He must have missed the last bus north.  It was also our pleasure to welcome City Councilwoman Terry Henderson to our meeting.  Bill Cosgrove introduced his nephew, who is interning at Bill’s law firm this summer.


Rotarians and guests gather in fellowship

President Sandy announced her own demotion party which will be held at the La Quinta Resort at 5:30 p.m. on June 28th.  The last Board meeting of the year will be held at Baird’s Fine Jewelers on June 18th at 5:30 p.m.  Ricardo announced there was still room on the bus going to Petco Park to watch the Padres/Dodgers game on June 22nd.  The price is $45.00 per person.  Dick Anderson reported on the drive to the finish to complete our Rotary Foundation giving.  We have ten members to go before we can claim that we are a 100% contributing club.  Diana Weaver was a $5.00 raffle winner.


With that, our Fine Master, Allan Levin, took the podium to recognize the comings and goings and the doings and not doings of the membership.  As it was the first meeting of the month, the Fine Free Badge was up for sale.  Andy Lorenz, who had a lot to protect in the month of June submitted the winning bid in absentia.  Mayor Don Adolph was celebrating a birthday and took the opportunity to announce that the graduating class at La Quinta High School had the highest GPA of any graduating class in California.  Ed Casey and Brett Anderson were celebrating anniversaries.  Merv Kolb was celebrating his 30 year Rotary anniversary.  Ricardo Loretta thanked President Sandy for her support of the Desert Rotary Presidents Group.  For her part, President Sandy wished California Chrome well in the upcoming race.  Sorry Sandy, bad pick.  Happy Dollars were offered by Bill Cosgrove (nephew interning) and Joe LaMantia (good SF Giants baseball record). 



Our speakers today were Captain Andrew Shouse, Chief, and Lt. Dave Walton, Assistant Chief, from the La Quinta Police Department.  Our police support is provided under a contract with the County of Riverside Sheriff’s Department.  The main station is in Thermal, near the Jackie Cochoran Airport.  The Thermal Station staff totals 191 people, serving a population of 103,000 covering 1,600 square miles.  From this station, the City of La Quinta has contracted for 150 basic patrol officer hours per day.  These patrol officers responded to approximately 25,000 service calls in 2013, reflecting a steady decrease over the past five years.  The majority (96%) of Part 1 crimes (those reported to the Feds) are property crimes.  Aggravated assaults have fallen by 13.9% from 2012 to 2013.  The number of traffic citations has fallen dramatically over the past five years.  Captain Shouse spoke highly of the community volunteers assisting the police department and of the success of the Scout Explorer Post sponsored by the department.  We can be very proud of our men and women serving our community in the La Quinta Police Department.

In honor of the upcoming Father's Day celebration Dick Anderson thought it would be nice to share the following comment from one of the fathers of one of the students who is participating in our Guatemala Literacy Project.

"I wish each of you a very good day and a warm salutation to the principal, to the teachers, the students, the parents, and to everyone present – a very warm welcome to each of you. I wish to especially greet the members of Rotary and the people who come from the United States who support our children. Please feel welcome in Santiago, Sacatepéquez.  From the very bottom of my heart I wish to thank the people who are supporting our youth through scholarships. I am certain that if it weren't for the scholarships for our children, it would have been very difficult for us to pay for their education."
Manuel Antonio Bucú Ixjotop, father of Hilda Bucú Yucuté
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!!!

President Sandy closed the meeting with the four way test.


This newsletter was written by Dick Anderson