Favorite server Emilio with Baird, Tom and Dr. Bruce
Today’s meeting was promptly called to order by President Corry at 12:15 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Joe LaMantia, and the Invocation offered by Allan Levin or someone on the far side of the room that sounded a lot like Allan.
Several Visiting Canadian Rotarians joined us today, today, among who were Glen Potter and another Rotarian from the Calgary, Alberta Club.   Two visiting Rotarians from St. Paul, Minnesota joined us, and Pete Kinney, guest of Andy Lorenz, also from St. Paul, MN, was introduced.  Allan Levin commented on the need for Rotarians to pay-up for their Strut-Your-Mutt signs.   Dick Anderson reminded us to check the “annual giving” box on the web site to assure our club receives proper credit for all foundation donations.
President Corry making this week's announcements
The Indio Club’s annual “math Day” competition will be held on May 2nd, starting at 8:00AM, and sincerely solicits our Rotarians to give of their time to assist in this worthy program.  We are asked to call “Martha” at 760-396-6945 for additional information or to volunteer.
It was noted by a member of the SYM Dog Show Committee that we are strongly encouraged to support Rotary’s “Beer Garden” booth this year, as the barrels of product have been donated, providing 100% profit to our Club on all of this year’s beer sales.  This is a great deal and a “Win-Win” for the La Quinta Rotary. 
Rotarians gathered together in friendship and fellowship!
The raffle remained un-won today with its grand prize of $436.00.  Bruce Cathcart’s ticket was drawn and he offered the chance to draw and win the prize to our favorite server Emilio.  Fortunately for us and not so lucky for Emilio he drew the $5.00 marble.  (Rumor has it that the treasurer’s table ticket sellers are replacing all of the white balls each week after the drawing, keeping the odds high against a big money winner!)  Is that “Fair to All Concerned”?
Walter Keating, fine-master was productive today catching Marc Rosen for $5 as a late arriver, and personally popped for $10.00 today in support of Oklahoma’s  basketball team continuing on in the playoffs while Mayor Adolph put in $5.00 for SC’s season finally coming to an end!  Dr. Bruce paid $5.00 in praise of his son’s win at a Mock Trial competition (as the coach), and the Anderson’s contributed $10.00 for their granddaughter’s recent soccer championship win and advancement to the 3rd round of State Championship play offs.
And finally, Guest Jerry Nantell, Manager of the local Security Bank and possible future Rotarian, the guest of Dave Turner but as usual, Turner showed up too late to make his introduction.  One of them tossed in $5.00.
Past president Sandy with "Mr. 59" Al Geiberger
Al Geiberger was the first professional golfer in history to score “59” in a sanctioned professional tournament competition.  He proved to also be a champion speaker, as he held our rapt attention for 30 minutes with his remarkable presentation on what it takes to achieve this level of excellence.  The psychology of winning at the highest level requires that everybody among the competitors, entourage, or gallery, refrain from verbally reminding the player exactly what he needs to do in order to reach that world record score of “59”.  The psychology of winning, paired with remarkable physical abilities, all combined to produce that “lowest ever” score.
The record low score of 59 was achieved at the Danny Thomas Memphis Classic, Colonial Country Club, Memphis, TN, on a 108 degree day, June 10, 1977.  Al won that and 10 other pro tournaments in his playing career.  Only 5 other golfers have ever achieved this low score since Al first achieved it, and it has never been bettered.  What makes this accomplishment even more astounding is the fact that Mr. Geiberger was playing with “old technology” stainless steel shafts and wood head drivers and by today’s standards, antique balls!
Mr. Geiberger and his sons are teaching Professionals at our own “Golf Club at La Quinta” formerly known as Trilogy.   They are available for individual and group instruction.
For additional biographical information, including his score card on the day of the 59, go to the following web site:
This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz