Adrian greets our new Mayor Linda Evans
President Corry kick started the meeting with:

·         Strut your Mutt – 03/28/2015
·         CV SPIN Tour de Palm Springs – 02/14/2015
·         Razzle Dazzle – 12/03/2014 @ 5:30 PM
·         Christmas Party – 12/20/2014 (44060 Goldenrod, La Quinta)
                  (Tacos - $35)

The Raffle is up to $415. Some members want to lose marbles. We will decide at next meeting which will be on December 4, 2014 (dark on November 28, 2014).

Undocumented Fine Master Alan Levine collected $245 (the documented Fine Master, Walter Keating, may have been abducted by aliens).
Favorite server Emilio is so fast it is hard to get a photo!

Mr. Levin uncovered that Doug Motz was parked in a handicap spot with no placard granting such right. He requested an exorbitant fine but was out voted by the members’ acknowledgement that Mr. Motz is handicapped and should be treated as such.

Sandy Stewart announced that the Museum Party raised over $5,000 for the Rotary Foundation. (Applause!)
Mayor Evans seated next to Doug Motz

Our speaker was the lovely Linda Evans, the new Mayor of La Quinta. In her trademark tobacco auctioneer’s speed, she unloaded many stats about our City that most would not know. Of particular interest:

·         December 2, 2014, at 4:00 pm at City Hall Council will honor departing council members Don Adolph and Terry Anderson.
·         City permits will now be all at one window to speed up the processing.
·         The La Quinta Chamber of Commerce has moved into the City Hall and the organizations will work closely together to speed economic development.
·         Our 40,000 residents have an average age of 46.5 years (no cracks about our club).
·         The new fitness center will open on January 17, 2015.

President Corry closed the meeting promptly at approximately 1:27 pm.
Rumors Are Flying
​Most were surprised when their Mayor Linda confided that, “I may not be an Empress, but I have a pen and a telephone, and my first act as Mayor will be to issue an Executive Order that all merchants in La Quinta must grant a 25% discount to all residents of La Quinta.” Amid the applause, she was heard to mutter under her breath, “Take that, Indian Wells!”
Greg Lane called to inform RAF that he would not attend Friday’s meeting. A cone of silence was immediately imposed to ensure that this did not get out and cause many other members to skip the meeting.
That “two-buck Bob” wine that you bought at the Museum Party may be converted to Opus One 2011 ($245 per bottle) at no charge thanks to a generous gift from the Rotary Foundation. See Dick or Helen Anderson.
Corry Hunter, unfortunately our President, I mean Corry Hunter, our President, unfortunately, in order to promote verisimilitude, signed up La Quinta Rotary’s “Battle Buddies” in the 185th Infantry Regiment, California National Guard, which has been activated. Ship out date for Afghanistan is December 17, 2014, which may interfere with somebody’s Christmas. Corry apologizes for this (he was excluded from enrollment), but emphasizes the broadening experience of international travel. As far as Rumors Are Flying knows, all La Quinta Rotarians will go except Corry.
Boisterous Trojans did well by La Quinta Rotary. They pledged to donate $100 to the Club for every point that USC trailed UCLA in Saturday’s football game. (It will bring in quite a pot, $1,800 per Trojan!) RAF understands there is some dispute about authority to pledge every Trojan, but we know these men to be gentlemen and we know they will “Fight On.”
This Newsletter was written by Tom McDermott