Baird, Diane and Nick are greeted by Sandy Robert and Adrian
After a week of what would best be described as “tolerable” end of summer weather, we again met at the Cliff House where President Tom McDermott called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance.  This was followed by an invocation given by Nick Kraushaar.
We only had one visiting Rotarian, Rod Hendry, our assistant District Governor from the Indian Wells Rotary Club.  There were no guests at today’s meeting; however Joe LaMantia was in attendance for the first time since his recent hip replacement operation.  We are still awaiting Walter Keating’s return from a similar operation.
President Tom announced that there will be a board meeting at his office TONIGHT starting at 5:30 PM.  Tom’s office is located off of Country Club west of Washington at 77530 Enfield Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92211.  Call Kathy at (760) 779-5800 if you get lost.
There is still an opening for next year’s district governor… anyone interested should see President Tom.
Cory Kelly is taking a leave of absence from Rotary for a while… hopefully he will be back real soon!
Palm Desert Sunset Club will have their inaugural meeting at Tommy Bahamas on 9/28/16.
We will have the “Live Scan” people at our club meeting of 10/14/16.
Our first Strut Your Mutt meeting will be held on 10/20 at a time and place to be disclosed soon.
The sign-up sheet was passed around again by Dave Turner for the upcoming Brew in LQ to take place on 10/22 from 11 AM to 5 PM.  We still need members to sign up to poor beer (our club specialty!) so please step up as this has the potential to be another great fund raiser for the club!
And finally, Rod Hendry shared with the club about the Indian Wells Music for Scholars benefit concert featuring Chuck Negron (formerly of the band “Three Dog Night”) and a Veteran’s Day salute to the troops by the “Satin Dollz”.  The event will take place at THE SHOW at Agua Caliente, Rancho Mirage. All proceeds will benefit the Indian Wells Rotary Club scholarship fund.  For more information call 760-668-0027 or email
Bruce Cathcart, in Victoria’s absence, offered up the “Joke of the Week”.  Apparently his version of some highbrow humor was just a little too high as it apparently it went over most of the members’ heads.   After trying to explain it a couple of times he gave up and realized that maybe it just wasn’t that funny.
Our favorite server Alexandria with our favorite desserts!
Our raffle was worth well over $275.00 today and Diane Kelly drew the white marble to win only $5.00 of it!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin stepped to the podium and with the assistance of Robert Wilkinson began to “fleece his flock”.  Notable contributions were made this week by Joe LaMantia for his birthday and his anniversary, Bob Wright for his anniversary, Dr. Bruce Underwood for his wife Janet’s birthday and Greg Lane for his wife Charlene’s birthday.  A few happy dollars were collected and joining Dave Turner as late arrivals this week were Andy Lorenz and Bruce Underwood.

There was no speaker scheduled this week to allow for a club reunion of sorts.  This time was set aside to allow members to get together and socialize sharing tales of where they were and what they did during the month of August.  It was a great chance to catch up with other members and most everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Helen Anderson recently posted the following message regarding our scholarship student Estefana in Guatemala:

“In addition to the book project for Guatemala, I would like to thank the generosity of several club members, Adrian Gysi, Ed Casey, Sandy Laura, Bob Becker, Judith Redwine Salathe and Merv  Kolb, who have helped to continue the scholarship for Estefana Lorenza Tiney Xicay.  The following is an update on her progress from the team in Guatemala.  They shared with me that she is doing very well this year. She is a strong and proactive leader, and she is a positive influence on the whole group of scholarship students. She’s on the honor roll and is the course president for the Tourism and Hospitality course that she’s studying, and she’s always very active in the workshops with CoEd. Her grades this year have been awesome. She has 14 (!) different classes, including Italian and French, and has an overall average of 89.5% (in Guatemala, grades in the 70 percentile are quite good, 80s are above average, and 90s are unheard of). Estefana is having a great year, and she is clearly making the most of the opportunity to stay in school that the La Quinta Rotary is providing for her. Thank you so much for that and for everything you do for students in Guatemala!
 I also wanted to share a short video  in Guatemala last month about the exciting things happen in the Scholarships program. Enjoy! 
Words from of Estefana, "I will have you in my heart.  Thank you for giving me your support.
At 1:30 President Tom called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart
Presidents note:  Our speaker for this coming Friday's meeting will be Morgan Levine.  Ms. Levine has been a Tour Guide with Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours for over 25 years and a Coachella Valley resident for over 40 years. She will amaze you with her knowledge of the many aspects and nuances of our desert, including its history, geology, culture, ethno-botany, animal life, and much more. It should be a very interesting meeting and I urge all members to attend!