“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.”  This familiar sentence was proposed by teacher Charles Weller as a typing exercise on the typewriter.  But I say, “Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aide of the Rotary Foundation”.  Without your support, Rotary clubs cannot continue to do the wonderful things around the world that mark us as Rotarians.  It is your past giving that has allowed our club to support Polio eradication, shelter boxes for disaster areas, Olive Crest, literacy in Guatemala and our newest project, clean water in the migrant trailer parks in the East Coachella Valley. 


We are approaching the end of the Rotary year.  As your Foundation Chair, I have been quietly reminding each of you of our collective obligation to give to the Rotary Foundation.  Now I am being not so quiet.  IT IS TIME TO MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION.  A few members have elected to sign up for Rotary Direct, having a specified amount taken out of your checking or credit card account each month.  Most chose to make their donation at this time of the year.  The District has a goal for $280.00 per Rotarian.  What is more important is that your give something.  “Every Rotarian, every year” refers to the goal of each club to have 100% participation in Foundation giving.  We have done it before.  Let’s make sure we do it this year as well.

You can make your donation directly to RI using the forms available on the RI website.  If you do, make sure you check the “Share” box on the form.  That ensures that in three years your contribution will, in part, be returned to our club to support our community and international projects.

You can also make a check out to the “La Quinta Rotary Foundation” and indicate it is for your RI Foundation giving.  Give the check to Sandy Stewart and the club will send a single check to RI, giving credit to each individual donor.  It is this donation that generates your Paul Harris Fellowship points.  You receive one point for each dollar given.  The points are cumulative and carry over every year until you reach your next level of Paul Harris recognition.

Now is the time.  This drive will be on for the next two weeks.  Let’s make sure we can continue to be a club that supports “Every Rotarian, every year”.  For those who have given, “Thank you”.  For those who have not, now is the time.