As temperatures stretched into the low 100’s and last week’s “Snowchella” gave way to this weeks “Hellchella” Music and Art Festival, we gathered together as Rotarians and President David Archer called the 38th meeting of the 25th year of the Rotary Club of La Quinta to order. Adrian Gysi led the club in the pledge of allegiance followed by a short but all-encompassing invocation by Corry Hunter.

At the greeting table this week, we had the repeat Rotary Team Challenge Champion team member Sandy Stewart taking attendance as usual, Corry Hunter selling lunch tickets and “Welcome back (AGAIN) ED” Casey selling raffle tickets!

President Dave made the rounds and introduced our few visiting Rotarians.  Conspicuous by their absence were many of our visitors from the great white (or wet) north who appear to have disappeared as the mercury shot past their comfort zone this past week. Making up for the missing numbers it appears that Steve Robbins fell for the old “bring your family to Rotary lunch” trick as he introduced his wife and two daughters (Karen, Kristyn, and Kirklyn in that order) as well as Kristyn’s husband Corry Hunter

President Dave (in Dick Anderson’s absence) reminded us all to make our Paul Harris Foundation contributions and made a brief announcement about the upcoming Carnival of Lights – Light Parade and Fireworks Display coming up on the 4th of July.  Jim(bo) Dorr reminded us all about the Tab for Tots program and Dick Jandt reminded everyone of the Community Picnic to be held next Saturday April 28, 2012 at the Fritz Burns Park.  This is always a great event where we La Quinta Rotarians cook and serve 1,200 (FREE) hot dogs in about 2 ½ hours.  Everyone is invited to come out to help and share in the fun and camaraderie! Robert Wilkinson gave us a brief report on this past weekend’s RYLA event and promised us more next week when some of our student attendees will join us for lunch on Friday.  Joe LaMantia made an announcement about the junior RYLA program known as PRYDE which is similar to our RYLA program but for Middle School 7th graders to be held on the weekend of May 4-5.

Joe LaMantia was the lucky raffle ticket winner this week and with $245.00 in the jackpot he picked a white marble and collected $5.00 for his efforts.

Lunch was served about the same time our fantastic fine Master Allan Levin took to the podium.  Lunch this week (in addition to the usual salads) was the Cowboy Skirt Steak Tacos (grilled carne asada, cabbage and salsa with flour tortillas) which never seem to disappoint!  Our Fine Free Rotarian for this month is apparently Merv Kolb.  However, Merv was not in possession of the Fine Free Badge for which Allan begged the question, “Can I fine him for not having the Fine Free badge?”  Of course the dispute was settled in Allan’s favor as it almost always is! Allan then paid for his own anniversary (3 years) as did Bruce Underwood (32 years) for his. Rey Neufeld (39 again) and Bob Wright (also 39 again) both paid for their own birthdays.  Joe LaMantia fessed up to winning the grand prize at the Palm Desert Rotary Golf Tournament raffle of a 50” Flat screen TV and Bruce Cathcart announced (and paid for) with great pride that he, Sandy Stewart, Leroy Anderson and Dave Turner were this year’s Rotary Team Challenge winners of the Palm Desert Rotary Golf Tournament! 


managed to flatten the trophy awarded to the team and has screwed to the front of our podium in hopes that when Palm Desert Rotarians attend our meeting for make-ups in the future that they will be able to enjoy visiting their lovely trophy that we now possess!  It was hoped that Joe would do likewise with the new TV but apparently that is not going to happen.  Welcome Back (again) Ed Casey paid for his release (again) from the hospital and being back among the living, Nick Kraushaar got nicked for no pin and an over active cell phone, David Archer paid for his son’s attendance at RYLA, and Corry Hunter announced that he and still pregnant wife Kristyn found out they were having a boy!  And that forced Grumpa Steve Robbins to match the fine for the same joyous news!


Our Speaker this day was Peter McGugan.  He is a self-described trend-tracker and futurist.  He is the author of three books, the latest of which is titled “Occupy Consciousness”.  Peter managed to take us all on an educational journey in which old scientific world views gave way to a new consciousness of energy awareness.  We were told that greed contrasts and collapses energies into a black hole of insatiability whereas being grateful lets our inner light shine and opens up our personal energies.  Peter presented statistics breaking down our global society made up (by percentage) of categories of people ranging from the “Unconcerned” to the “Conscious Consumers” and then shared with us “proof” that aliens have visited our planet and are in communication with us through “crop circle” type messages.  One of those messages includes a diagram for a free energy technology in the form of a perpetual motion machine (using magnets) that harvests the intrinsic energies of the earth itself and when combined with a compressor or turbine will solve all the world’s energy problems in a clean, safe, perfect (free) manner.  Everything is atoms and molecules (no news here), water has a memory (hmmm), and energy defines being (OK, I guess I am good with that).  All in all it was a very entertaining and thought provoking presentation.  Opening one’s mind to new and different interpretations about how the world works isn’t always easy; opening one’s mind to a different level of consciousness can be even more of a challenge.  To learn more about Peter McGugan go to his website at or contact Peter directly at  As for me, yesterday during his comment about water having a memory I was mid sip on my glass of water and immediately thought to myself to ask that same gulp of water when next I saw it how my liver was doing.  Later that afternoon I was informed “Urine fine condition”. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

President Dave closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.