Another great Rotary day last Friday! After the flag salute and invocation, our visiting Rotarians introduced themselves. What a collection of visitors we had. In fact there were almost as many visitors as club members. Rotarians were visiting from Massachusetts to the east, Texas to the south, Canada to the north and western California (at least west of La Quinta). President Frank gave us a peak at the past by repeating a humorous story from several months ago. Our Sergeant at Arms needs to take notice of this recycling effort by the President.

Announcements included an update on our youth leadership programs. The RYLA interviews were held last Tuesday and included club members Robert Wilkinson, Frank Blum, Nora Coleman, Sandy Lauer, LotharVasholz (the mad Russian), Andy Brakebill and Bob Wright. They interviewed 20 students, including Lisa, our New Zealand exchange student. Joe La Mantia reported that PRYDE interviews will be held next month and he would like to have some volunteers for the interviews and to be adult leaders during the PRYDE weekend. If you can spare some time, give Joe a call. This is a great opportunity to connect with the youth in our community.

Lothar gave a very comprehensive update on the work of faith based organizations responding to the needs in Haiti. Dick Jandt reported that long time visitor, Marty Baskerville, has not been at meetings recently because he is not doing well. Marty is a true gentleman. Keep him in your prayers. Dick also announced that he is recruiting volunteers to deliver lunches to the artists during the La Qunita Arts Festival, March 11 through 14. Our $5.00 raffle winner was a visitor from Iowa.

Jeff Wattenbarger was our Sergeant at Arms for the day. Since there are not too many birthdays or anniversaries this month, we saw a small flurry of happy dollars. Our President has suggested that he would like to see that small flurry turn in to a full blown storm. Happy dollar participants included Jeff, Leroy Anderson, Bonnie Cloer, Dick Anderson, Dick Jandt, Bruce Underwood and Andy Lorenz. It was nice to see so many happy people.

Affiliate member, Dick Grund, and his wife Victory, presented a program on the Old Town Artisan Studio. Victory is identified on the studio's brochure as the visionary. His definition of visionary is someone who charges ahead with an unworkable scheme and succeeds. I do not know about the unworkable scheme, but you can see from the results that the studio is making a great impact within the city. From seniors to developmentally challenged young people, the studio is helping people learn about the world of clay. Students participate in classes including throwing pots on the wheel, sculpting for clay finish or bronze, hand building, life casting glazing and kiln firing. If some of these things don't ring a bell, stop by the studio and complete your education. The studio is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that depends on public support for their operations. A fund raising gala is scheduled for February 18th and the public is invited and welcome. The studio is located in Old Town La Quinta, just a couple of doors down from the corner coffee shop. Stop by and say "hello' and see the wonderful work on display.