President Elect 2014-2015 Corry Hunter called the La Quinta Rotary meeting to order at 12:15pm.  Dick Anderson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Walter Keating gave the invocation.

We had a couple of repeat visiting Rotarians along with new visitors from places such as Washington, Ohio, Oregon, and parts of California.

Key Dates and Announcements:

Jim Dorr announced that the duck race golf tournament will be postponed until the end of the summer.  Jim will update us once he has a new date.

Board Meeting will be at 4/17/2013, 5:30 pmin Lee Osborne’s board room on Corporate Way.

Joe LaMantia reminded all that Rotary Direct paperwork is available on the back table.  Please contribute to the Share program and do so before the end of the Rotary year. 

PRYDE is coming up May 4 & 5th at camp in Crestline, CA.  You can come up and visit on May 4th if you would like to see what goes on at the camp.

Christi Salamone, Director of La Quinta Arts Festival, presented a $500 check to the Club for their volunteer efforts for delivering lunches.   Christi praised the volunteers and gave us good feedback that the survey from the patrons backs that up!

Corry read a letter from the Rotary Foundation announcing that Rotary International had received 4 stars in the area of Philanthropy from the Better Business Bureau.  The full two page letter is on the RI website if you choose to read it in full.

April 27th  is the date for the Community Picnic celebrating the birthday of the City of La Quinta.  Dick Jandt has volunteers lined up so please come out and enjoy some community fellowship.

Dick Anderson announced that our grant has been accepted by RI and a grant number has been assigned.   We hope to have final approval within the next few weeks.

The raffle had a big pot of over $1000.00.  One of our visitors who bought tickets at the last minute picked the white marble worth $5.00.  Bring your extra money next week, the pot continues to grow!

Allan Levin, Sergeant at Arms, took the podium and collected for the few sparse things he had on his list.  Allan was able to recognize Christi Salamone before she escaped back to work.  He identified  a few late arrivals to the meeting.  Dave Turner contributed for Paula’s birthday, while  Doug Motz made a large happy dollars contribution for the birth of his latest grandchild born in Arkansas.  Walter Keating contributed some happy dollars to find out the amount of the check from the Arts Festival.  Diane Kelly contributed happy dollars for her daughter’s graduation.  Dick Anderson was fined for his journalistic inaccuracies last week.  Joe LaMantia contributed happy dollars to announce his new affiliation with Healy and Healy and happy to report many of his clients came over with him.  Due to a scheduling hickup, we had two programs lined up for the day.  Thank you, Allan for curtailing your time to accommodate both of our speakers.


Our first speaker was Christiana Green from Green Acres Sustainable Living Farm and one of her board members and development director, Rebecca Brown.  The concept was developed for kindergarten through high school students.  The program includes activities in the areas of agriculture, sustainable living practices, and renewable energy.  The purpose is to create healthier, more balanced and responsible children who appreciate the world around them.  The goal is to have a 20 acre farm in the Coachella Valley.  The program is working with the City of Coachella to use a piece of property that is set aside for green space.  There is currently a small farm at a 6 acre ranch in Anza where kids have already been exposed to these concepts.  A group from the local Y was at the ranch in March and it was a success!  The Green Acres website,, is full of information and volunteers are always appreciated.  There is an article in the Desert Sun on Sunday on the farm also.  Thank you Christiana and Rebecca for sharing your passion!


Our second speaker was Edward Lopatin, a management survival coach, who spoke to us on his latest book, “How to Survive you Promotion”.  He spoke to us about using communication skills to prove they were right to hire you!  These areas include, speaking, writing, non-verbal and interpersonal skills which are the keys to your success.  His book presents 85 sure-fire strategies for surviving that promotion you want and deserve, but are afraid to apply.  His website to his book is and he is selling copies of his books if you are interested.

Corry Hunter thanked both of our speakers and closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.