It was "visitor's day" at the La Quinta Rotary meeting on Friday. Visitors arrived from British Columbia, Wisconsin, Washington and Palm Desert. There were almost more of "them" than "us".

Diane Kelly invited club members to attend and assist her with the Four Way Speech Contest to be held on March 12th at 10:00 a.m. at La Quinta High School.

Walter Keating announced that there would be no need for volunteers to cook and sell hot dogs at the Tour de Palm Springs. It appears that the investment might be more than the projected return. And the red tape for the licensing of food sales was daunting.

There will be a Club Board meeting on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Embassy Suites in Old Towne. High on the agenda will be the status of the planning for our upcoming golf tournament.

Robert Wilkinson reported that we had a fine group of candidates apply for RYLA. After the interview process, eight juniors from La Quinta High School were selected to attend.

Bob Wright pulled a white marble out of the raffle bag, netting him $5.00.

Finemaster Allan Levin conducted a spirited auction for the "Fine Free" badge. Dave Turner was the successful bidder. Allan quickly fined Dave for being late, noting that he was late before he bought the badge. Nora Coleman was recognized for also being late and having a "no makeup". Dick Jandt was recognized for the well-stated opposition by Terry in the Desert Sun addressing the Governor's position on California's Redevelopment Agency. Birthdays for Robert Wilkinson and Bruce Franklin (Kristy) and an anniversary for Tom McDermott were acknowledged. Dick Grund did a bit of advertising for the Artisan Studio golf tournament on March 15th. Several Super Bowl predictions were offered and Happy Dollars were received from Sandy Lauer and Ed Casey.

Our speaker was Emily Hoerner. Emily is the lone Ranger assigned by BLM to the 280,000 acre Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, which is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. Emily is responsible for outreach and education programs and spends a good deal of her time leading hikes on the many trails within the Monument. There are five "life zones" in the Monument, which includes elevations from sea level to over 10,000 feet. It is home to 300-350 Peninsula Big Horn sheep, approximately 15 female and several male mountain lions and over 13 endangered plants and animals. While the average rainfall is 6 inches, Emily is predicting a wonderful wild flower season this year as a result of over 10 inches of rain last year. More information on the Monument, as well as a list of the many activities available, can be found on their website at

Editors Note: The Concours D'Elegance has offered the La Quinta Rotary Club a free booth at this years Concours on February 27th at the La Quinta Resort. In return they would like to have Rotarians volunteer to help with the event. We will need members to man the booth and provide information about Rotary membership as well as Rotarians to be event volunteers. This is a great recruiting opportunity and a fun event. Call me at 760-777-1712 or email me at if you can help.