Our new President, Dan Fissori, conducted the second meeting of his term and seemed to be comfortable in his new role. After the pledge and the prayer Dan told a joke about USC, and requested more USC jokes so please pass all jokes to Dan.

Our big raffle, with lots of white marbles still in the bag, was won by Ray Lopez. The pot was under $200. Ray was happy and donated some money back to the Club.

Sandy Stewart announced La Quinta Rotary Club's fund raiser is a golf tournament scheduled for April 4, 2011 at the "Golf Club of La Quinta". She said work on the tournament will begin now so we can have a successful tournament. Sandy asked anyone interested in serving on the Golf Committee to please contact her.

Allan Levin has resumed his duties as Sergeant at Arms. He didn't have many people present with birthdays, etc so he has asked for an updated list of our Club's members. Corry promised he would have this, along with missed meetings, shortly. Sandra Moffitt Adams volunteered that this week was her wedding anniversary and that she had announced her engagement at our meeting two years ago. I heard that Allan's fame as a Sergeant at Arms has spread and he is considering an offer from CNN.

Our guest speaker was Michael Barnard, Chairman of the College of the Desert Foundation. Mr. Barnard informed us of the many classes and programs COD offers. For example 80 percebt of the nurses in the Coachella Valley attended COD, as well as most of the new police hired in the Valley. The Foundation raises money for Scholarships and programs at the College.

The first Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, July 13th at 5:30pm at Mimi's Restaurant on Highway 111 (near Costco). All are invited.