President David Archer called the meeting to order to a full house of members, guests and visitors.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation, President Dave welcomed three groups of special guests.  There were ten members of a Rotary Friendship Exchange Team from Turkey, eight of our club sponsored RYLA participants, with their Counselor, Ms. Carol Ramirez, and Nick Kraushaar’s group of six Mock Trial participants in this year’s La Quinta High School group of budding future lawyers.

Rey Neufeld was a lucky $5.00 winner in the weekly drawing.

Guest Rotarians included Byron Koenig of Indio Sunrise, Joe James of Seattle #4, regular visitor, Dick Chamberlain of Bothell, WA.    Also visiting was a guest of Rey Neufeld, Bobby Pruitt, a River Guide from Sweet Home, OR, and Frank Taylor, our new La Quinta Chief of Police.

There was a report from the ‘CV Spin’ on the success of the recent Tour de Palms Springs.  The club was presented with a check for $1750 in recognition of our work in support of the event.  Rotarian Cory Hunter, co-chair of the event’s parking committee, was lauded for his outstanding work.

RYLA Alumni representative and current Interact President Abigail Beckert, and RYLA attendee Shane Archer, reflected on their experiences at this year’s event.  They reported having received over 40 messages from other participants that RYLA has been “The Best Weekend of Our Lives”.  “Life-Changing” was an often repeated phrase describing this outstanding Rotary youth experience.


The LQHS students and their choreographer, Abigail Beckert, presented an exuberant rendition of the “Turkey Washing” dance and song for the group.  The Turkish guests were somewhat puzzled by the rendition, but took it all in the good spirit of Rotary ‘welcome and camaraderie’.

The La Quinta High School Interact Group’s “Kids Against Hunger” Car-Wash fundraiser, to be held the next day, Saturday, the 29th, was announced by Andy Brakebill.  Robert Wilkinson added that tickets for the car wash were available “today” at the special “advance sale“price of only $5.00 each.  Over $120.00 was raised on ticket sales at the meeting. 

Finemaster, Allan Levin was his usual effective fundraising self as he fined Tom McDermott for being a late arriver, and recognized Jennifer Donais $5.00 for a no-make-up.  Joe LaMantia was assessed $10.00 for ‘wasting the time of the Finemaster’, and Bill Cosgrove paid another $10.00 for attempting to be overtly solicitous to our guest speaker.  Dan Fissori paid a $5.00 overdue fine, and Walter Keating bought a raffled- off car wash ticket for another $5.00.  Lee Osborne donated $150.00 for making an unsolicited campaign speech and passing out fliers related to his upcoming election run for the La Quinta City Council.  Lee added $5.00 for general principles.


Our Guest Speaker was Riverside County Eastern District Probate Judge, James Cox.  Judge Cox, U.C. Irvine undergrad and Pepperdine Law (Cum Laude), is now our Supervising Probate Judge.  His Honor proved to be an informative and entertaining speaker in bringing us up to speed on the meaning of and sound reasoning for the “Probate” of a will or estate.  He discussed the very serious responsibilities of the various fiduciaries and other officials involved in the process.  He explained and made interesting, the stories of the “Evil Stepmother, the Evil Stepchild and the Untrustworthy Trustee”.  A very fine presentation by a good and effective Jurist was well appreciated, as evidenced by rousing applause from members and guests.

President Dave reminded the group of our commitments to staff the “Hot Dog” cook off the following day, Saturday the 29th, in support of the La Quinta Community Picnic.  The meeting was adjourned promptly at 1:30 PM with the recitation of the Four Way Test.