President Dan announced that there were no club member classifications that were protected from his joke selection. He then proceeded to provide a good laugh at the expense of lawyers. It was good to see Ben Hofheimer back, if only for a brief visit. Diane Kelly brought her husband< Jim, to the meeting and Palmer Riedel introduced his guest, Shawn Manley.

Bruce Underwood reported that he had secured a pledge of $1,000.00 for our golf tournament from Eisenhower Medical Center, and that could grow. Doug Motz reminded everyone about our upcoming social on October 7th. In case you missed the E-vite to the function, you can view all of the information and register through our website. David Archer reminded all that next Thursday, the Chamber will host a candidate forum. And Merv said it was his time to win, and he did - $5.00. Good call, Merv.

Our Sergeant at Arms got off to a slow start, but Allan quickly picked up the pace. Greg Lane and Lothar Vasholz were recognized for failure to silence their phones. Walter Keating and Leroy Anderson cited for disturbing the flow of the meeting by have a private, but loud conversation. Sandra Moffitt Adams and Ben Hofheimer were recognized for birthdays. College football results and baseball pennant race results brought forth a number of Happy Dollars. Dick Jandt felt it necessary to donate Happy Dollars for the fact that his school (University of Redlands) did NOT have a football team.

Sam Payne gave us all a very nice reminder of our responsibility to support our La Quinta High School Interact Club. It would be great if one or two of our members could attend their meetings. And when we host them at our meetings, make sure we make them feel welcome and engage them in conversation. Thanks for that important reminder, Sam.

Our speaker, La Quinta City Councilwoman Terry Henderson, was introduced by her best friend and husband, Dick Jandt. In addition to her work for the City of La Quinta, Terry is also on the Board of Directors for the League of California Cities and the National League of Cities. Terry shared with us some history surrounding the taking of city tax revenues by the State to help balance the budget. She then went on to explain the importance of Proposition 22, a measure on the November ballot that would prohibit the State from continuing this practice. Terry made some very convincing arguments. Legislators in Sacramento have used loopholes in the law to take billions in taxpayer funds dedicated to local government and transportation services. Continued State raids jeopardize the vital local services we rely upon, like emergency response, police, fire, parks, libraries and senior services. While Rotary is not political, it is in all of our interests to understand the issues and make informed decisions.