The meeting was called to order with the following disclosure - "We are dark next Friday, June 11th. The Demotion Dinner is on June 12th at Mountain View Country Club with cocktails at 5 and dinner at 6." Joe LaMantia introduced some special visitors - our PRYDE students (BJ, Carolina, Tori, Robbie and Kristjan), La Quinta Middle School Vice Principal Tammy Monroy and Counselor Morgan Miller. We were also pleased to welcome our exchange student, Lisa, a visiting Rotarian from New Mexico, Darin Wright from Palm Desert Rotary and Judge Paul Zellerbach.

Rey Neufeld presented the slate proposed by the nominating committee for the Rotary year 2010-2011. There being no nominations from the floor, Dan Fisori was elected president , David Archer President-elect and Secretary and Corry Hunter as Treasurer by unanimous vote. Diane Kelly reminded everyone about the District Conference. One of the PRYDE students was a $5.00 raffle winner.

Rey returned to the podium to recognize two members for their Paul Harris contributions. Bruce Cathcart accepted a Paul Harris Fellow recognition in the name of his son and he also received his Paul Harris pin with three sapphires. Joe LaMantia was recognized and presented with his Paul Harris pin with a ruby. Congratulations to both Bruce and Joe!

Andy Lorenz presided as Sergeant at Arms. After spirited bidding, the Fine Free Badge went to Palmer Riedel. Birthday recognition was given to Elizabeth Printy, Bruce Underwood and Joe LaMantia's wife, June. Celebrating anniversaries were Andy Lorenz, Bret Anderson and Bruce Cathcart. Happy Dollars were given by Mayor Don for the outstanding work done by staff on the City budget, by Andy Brakebill for the success he, Jan and Lisa had in a scavenger hunt and by Joe LaMantia for the PRYDE students visit. Jeff Wattenbarger also contributed Happy Dollars in recognition of Francesca Schiavone having reached the finals of the French Open. Before she gained recognition, Jeff and Mary provided lodging in their home for Francesca when she played at Indian Wells. They have stayed in touch and see her when she plays in the desert. Footnote: She became the first Italian to win a Grand Slam tennis event when she beat Samantha Stosur in the finals.

We had the good fortune of having two programs on Friday. The first was an opportunity to hear the reactions of our PRYDE students to their weekend at camp. All of the students were very well spoken and you could tell they all had a great time. Not only was it a lot of fun, they learned how to work with others, made new friends and learned a great deal about themselves. Several said it was a life changing experience. Dan Fissori shared his experience as a new Tribal Leader at PRYDE. As with RYLA, it is a shame that we cannot have more students participate in this type of program.


Les Johnson, Planning Director for the City of La Quinta, provided an overview and update of the La Quinta 2035 General Plan. The General Plan is a long-range policy document that expresses a city's development goals, policies, and programs. The General Plan contains information about both the current state of the City, as well as plans for the future. It also must address a broad range of issues, such as traffic circulation, infrastructure adequacy, and potential environmental hazards. The General Plan covers both the City as well as any areas outside City boundaries that may be affected by future growth. The State mandates that every city have a General Plan.

The General Plan includes the following topics: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Open Space, Sustainability, Noise, Safety and Economic Development. In developing this plan, the City will conduct several focus groups and open meetings with City stakeholders, including the general public and businesses. It is an interactive process and is intended to serve the needs of the 43,000 residents of the City today, as well as those who will come in future years. You can see more about the General Plan at WWW.LQ2035.ORG.