President David Archer called the meeting to order at 12:15.  Bill Cosgrove led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Jennifer Donais gave the invocation.  We had a lone visiting Rotarian from Ventura County.  We had no guests of Rotarians.

Important Dates & Announcements:

-June 13- Board Meeting – 2nd Wednesday of every month.

-Jack’s tree is at the Cove Oasis- there will be dedication ceremony later in the fall.

-Don’t forget to get your Rotary Foundation monies in- we want to have 100% participation.

-The social at Jim Dorr’s has been rescheduled to June 23rd.  Also on the 23rd, the District will be having a social fellowship at the Doral.

-Demotion party is June 30th at La Quinta Resort.  The cost is tentatively $50/per person and sign-up sheet was passed around.  Contact Dan Fissori with questions or to sign up.

-July 4th- Carnival of Lights- 4th of July Parade- we are working the beer garden and need volunteers.  President Archer also spoke about having a float for the parade……

-Andy Lorenz-passed around a card to sign and contribute any monies for Abigail Beckert who graduated from La Quinta High School.  She was our Interact President and a Rylarian and was a good steward of Rotary.  She is going to College of the Desert the first two years and did receive a scholarship from the Rotary Club also.

Allan Levin made an announcement that Steve Robbins had come home Thursday from the hospital.   He is battling AML Leukemia.  He will be home for about three weeks as he waits for a bone marrow donor and will have another treatment in about three weeks before he has the bone marrow transplant. CVWD is having a bone marrow drive day June 13th from Noon to 5PM in Palm Desert on Hovley.  If you are under 18 or over 60, you are not a candidate to donate.   The email to respond to signing up for an appointment to be a donor: or you call CVWD. 

Speaking of Steve Robbins, he was not able to escape the phantom flocker.  The flocker made a surprise delivery to Steve's room in the hospital.  He seems to be taking it pretty well! 


Sergeant of Arms Allan Levin took the podium and raffled off the fine free badge for the month of June.  Ed Casey won the bidding with $35 bid.    No makeups for LeRoy Anderson, Jim Dorr, Mike Sutton, Lee Osborne, and Bob Wright.  Allan also caught a few for not having their Rotary pins on their clothing.    Lots of birthdays and anniversaries coming up later in the month.  Joe LeMantia paid for being very late as did Bruce Underwood.   Bruce Cathcart made a happy dollar announcement that Palm Springs Power will open Friday night.    

Our speaker was Bob Horn from the Red Hot After School Ballroom Program.  Bob started by informing the club that Robert Wilkinson was a student in one of his classes and passed!  Bob came to the Valley to retire and about five years ago.  Shortly after arriving,  he attended a meeting where the District Attorney spoke about reaching children and getting them involved before they reach high school.  By doing so, there will be a smaller chance of that child getting involved in drugs, gangs, and criminal behavior.    The Red Hot Ballroom program was formed and there are currently 34 schools in the program after 4 years with all three school districts involved.   This is made up of grades 4, 5, and 6.  There are over 1,000 kids that participated in the competition this year.   There are 28 weeks of instruction.  In May, there are three competitions, one in each school district.    The social graces that the kids are getting out of this program are changing lives and hopefully their paths in life.   The boys are learning respect for women, how to treat women, self-esteem, eye contact, etc.  The program is a 501(c) program and everyone is a volunteer.   Bob said that they are also developing classes for Autism, the Braille Institute, and Alzheimer’s’ patients.    Bob answered some questions from the audience and President David asked if Robert could show us some of his moves…….  

With that, President David closed the meeting leading members in the Four Way Test.