Bruce, Nick, Tom and Rod (IW Club) are greeted by Sandy, Robert and Adrian
Weekend 2 of the “Desert Trip” concert in Indio was upon us and it was another perfect fall day here in the desert as we gathered together as Rotarians and friends at the Cliff House where President Tom called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in both the pledge of allegiance and the invocation.
There were several visiting Rotarians in attendance today including the brothers Dick and Ford Nicolson from St. Paul, Minn., Derek Sorest from B.C (shown above), Ken Warner from the 1000 Oaks Club, Rod Henry from the Indian Wells Club, and our speaker today Rick Clark from the Yucaipa club.
Kevin Pickett, also a visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of San Francisco, returned for his second visit stating that we still had not scared him off from joining our club… yet!
Penny Lilly from Point Happy Hearing (Miracle Ear Hearing Aids) made her third appearance at our meeting today and like Kevin, she too has not been scared off… yet!
President Tom made the following announcements:
The next Board meeting will be held at President Tom’s office on October 19th starting at 5:30 PM.  Tom’s office is located off of Country Club west of Washington at 77530 Enfield Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92211.  Call Kathy at (760) 779-5800 if you get lost.
Doug Motz reminded us that Brew in LQ will take place on 10/22 (this coming Saturday) from 11 AM to 5 PM.  We can ALWAYS use more help at these fun events so please, even if you have not signed up, just show up and we’ll put you to work!!!
Robert Wilkinson announced that he and students from both La Quinta High School and Shadow Hills High School will be travelling together to an Interact Conference in Perris, California and the subject of their recent High School Football game is not to be mentioned (LQHS 48 SHHS 0).
Victoria was out on the campaign trail and so Walter Keating substituted with a couple of jokes about a blond man not being able to bend over to pick up his mail because he was busy watching the neighbors make love next door with their drapes open… or something like that.  Being a blond male myself I was lost after Walter stood up.
Our raffle was worth well over $300.00 today and Jimbo Dorr drew the white marble to win only $5.00 of it!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin stepped to the podium and with the assistance of Bruce Cathcart carrying the basket in place of the absent Andy Lorenz immediately made budget by collecting $228 from Adrian.  Adrian donated a dollar a year for his birthday, his wife Rosemarie’s birthday and their anniversary.  Any way you divide that up, that’s a lot of years together!!!  Congratulations Adrian and Rosemarie!!!  Welcome back Marc Rosen chipped in a few happy dollars (to be back).  Jimbo repatriated his $5.00 raffle win back to the club.  Helen Anderson (sans husband Dick Anderson) contributed some happy dollars first for her enlightening visit to the Palms to Pines (or Pines to Palms… apparently it depends upon where you are coming from) Rotary Club and also for Navy’s football victory over Houston which apparently Dick was still out celebrating!  Allan attempted to collect on several no make-ups only to have the “Rule of 85” waived in his face.  The Rule of 85 is when your age + your years as a Rotarian equal or exceed 85 you can become exempt from any attendance requirements.  Allan smiled graciously and announced his plans to introduce the new “Rule of 105” at the next board meeting.  Finally Allan pointed out that there was an intentional error in the newsletter last week and asked who could point it out.  Sadly, Howard was the only one to notice that under his picture his name was listed as “Roger”.  Allan pointed out that in future newsletters there will be other intentional errors made and that members should be reading them carefully as they may be called upon to play or PAY!  Arnie, a retired attorney, took exception to this and insisted that it should be an obvious and blatant error that everyone should easily recognize.  Have you found the error yet?
Our speaker this day was Yucaipa Rotarian Rick Clark.  Rick, a return visitor spoke to us about Rotary Youth Protection based upon the 5330 Youth Protection and Guidelines found on our district website at
Joining Rick was Adria Poindexter from Live Mobile Solutions shown above with Bruce Franklin performing the “Live Scan” that is required of all Rotarians who plan to volunteer to work with minors.
As always, Rick’s presentation was very informative talking about the different types of abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, neglect, etc.) as well as harassment and warned of many different scenarios to avoid.  His best advice was to always supervise minors “two deep” and never alone.  Thank you Rick for your presentation to our club and for your service to Rotary!
At 1:30 President Tom called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart