With nearly a full house, President Frank called the meeting to order. We were pleased to welcome a number of visiting Rotarians from Canada, Washington, Colorado and California, as well as our exchange student, Lisa Guy, from New Zealand. It was good to see Ron Jensen at the meeting. Looking forward to seeing you again soon at a Rotary meeting, Ron.

Andy Brakebill gave an update on the Raffle Ticket Sales. Our Interactors have really stepped up to the plate. Over the past two Saturdays, they have sold 106 tickets! Ticket sellers included Tyler, Mark, Gabe and Megan. Great job, Interact! They were also going to sell tickets at the Taste of La Quinta this past Saturday.

Judith Redwine gave an update on our work at Olive Crest. See the story about our Club visit on the web site. Several members shared their thoughts on their experience at Olive Crest. Rey Neufeld reminded all about their Paul Harris commitment. The time for giving has arrived! Dick Jandt reported on a successful lunch delivery effort by our Club members. In appreciation, the Arts Council will send the Club a check for $500.00. Dick also gave notice of the La Qunita Community Picnic to be held on April 24th. Let's get ready to cook and deliver!

Joe LaMantia reported that the PRYDE selection is complete. The young man who was selected as an alternate had a very compelling reason to attend PRYDE. Joe cleared his attendance with the District and the hat was passed to collect money for his tuition. The result was a very generous $408.00 The money left over will go to Lisa Guy for her trip around the USA with other Rotary exchange students this summer.

Andy Lorenz, our Sergeant at Arms, found slim pickings today. It seems our birthday boys and girls are laying low. Ron Jensen and Dave Archer did step up for their recognition as did Bret Anderson for his wife, Coleen's, birthday. Jacques Abels had a couple of bucks left over from his trip to Florida. Bonnie Cloer was really happy to announce the Andy Lorenz will take over her duties as corresponding secretary for the Club. Thank you, Bonnie, for a great job! Joe was happy for the money raised for the PRYDE student. Lee Osborne got in an advertisement as a company sponsor for the Taste of La Quinta.

Our speaker, Maggie Montez, shared her experiences with us as a volunteer with Shelter from the Storm. The shelter has 72 beds to provide emergency shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence in the Coachella valley. It is an unfortunate statistic that the shelter provides services for 2,500 to 3,000 women annually. Women can receive counseling services, emergency housing for up to sixty days and transitional housing for up to two years. Maggie shared with us a video with women giving testimonials on their situations and the support they received from the shelter.

Unfortunately, the State's economic situation caused the cancellation of the State funding of $1 million dollars for the shelter. The staff and volunteers are doing outreach programs to inform the public of their situation and encourage people to support them through donations. The shelter is having a fund raiser on March 25th at Denise Roberge's Art Gallery and Restaurant to help replace some of this lost income.