Congratulations to Corry Hunter, Sandy Stewart, and all of the other Rotarians who made this year's Strut Your Mutt a great success! It was the largest turnout we have ever had and, I would state, the most successful!
I was manning the entrance for the signing of Waivers and Indemnifications working with Howard, Nick, Mark, and Walter. I got to see all of the entrants and many of them as they left. They were all extremely happy. Several stated to me that they thought it was "marvelous what your Rotary was doing for the community."
There were more people with dogs this year than ever before. In addition, there were even more people without dogs who came just to join in the festivities. Many of these people said that they come every year.
Strut Your Mutt has obviously attained status in the community and it should be a continuing success.
Once again, thanks to Corry and Sandy and all the other Rotarians who showed up to make this a great Saturday.
Robert with this year's Interact Team
Winner French Kiss Category
More Look-a-likes!
Proud Ribbon Winners
Basket of Trouble!
Joe and his best friend!
A GREAT day was had by all!!!