Eager Rotarians are greeted by Doug, Baird and Adrian this week!
President Corry Hunter called the 31st meeting of the 28th year of La Quinta Rotary to order at 12:15.  After the pledge led by Jeff Wattenbarger and the invocation given by Lothar Vasholz, visiting Rotarians from Canada, Washington and California including our Assistant District Governor Bruce Latta introduced themselves.
We also had a flag exchange with Mike, a member from the Duncan Daybreak Club of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
President Corry makes this week's announcements
Announcements included:
Board Meeting April 8th at 5:00PM at Boucher Fine Jewelers.
District Assembly will be Saturday, April 18th at Beaumont High School, 39139 Cherry Valley Blvd, Beaumont.
Paul Harris- If you haven’t contributed as of yet this year, please sign up for DDF for this to be done electronically and efficiently.  Forms are found on the main check in table.
Math Day is 5/2/15- if you would like to proctor or help hand out lunches call Martha Mendez at 760-396-6945.
Raffle pot was over $400- $5 winner today was Marc Rosen.
Our district governor, Bruce Latta, was present to have Corry light the traveling torch that is being circulated to celebrate the nearing of the end of polio.  We were all happy Corry didn’t have long hair or we might have been calling the fire department.
Walter Keating took to the podium and began his portion of the program by welcoming guest David Archer. Rumor has it he was once a member and we hope to see his face a bit more often as another business season winds down.  Robert Wilkinson was kind enough to donate two tickets for the remainder of Friday’s matches at the BNP Paribas with proceeds to benefit Rotary.  The bidding brought $100- thank you Robert for the donation.  David Archer gave a generous $100 donation for his birthday, his anniversary, and his numerous no makeups.  Jeff Wattenbarger donated after much commentary for his wife’s birthday I think (it was so noisy my recorder couldn’t pick it up…) There was about $6 total collected from those not wearing a pin or badge after much grumbling.  Then there was a long winded discussion about college basketball with Bruce Underwood contributing for Kansas and Walter Keating for Oklahoma.  Dave Turner was fined for being early last week for this week’s meeting (although I’m not sure it was collected).
President Corry with our speaker Victoria LLort
Our speaker today was Victoria Llort, the Director of Fundraising Initiatives with the American Outreach Foundation. Founded in 2007 in the Coachella Valley, the organization strives to enhance the freedom of mobility and the quality of life of those who are confined to the use of power chairs and scooters.  They accept donations of used power chairs and scooters and then give them away free of charge to those in need.    They have no employees as the organization functions strictly with volunteers only.  They also have a “Get out of the Room” program that engages those clients suffering from loneliness and isolation and individuals with physical impairments, living specifically in local nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.   Another of their programs, Assistive Technologies, provides tools tailored for occupational therapists that engage children with learning disabilities.  Victoria then answered many questions and announced the upcoming golf tournament March 28th and was looking for additional foursomes along with raffle tickets for a brand new Yamaha golf cart to be awarded next Friday at the golf tournament.   You can contact her at 760-774-1567 if interested.  Thank you Victoria for your informational talk about the American Outreach Foundation.  For more information on the American Outreach Foundation please go to their website at http://americanoutreachfoundation.com/.
At 1:20 President Corry Hunter called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This Newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais