The first meeting of the New Year was called to order by President Sandy.  The salute to our country's flag was led by Dick Grund .  Rey Neufeld, as usual,  gave a stirring invocation.  President Sandy also announced (with a smile) that District 5330 was giving our club a special award for  "Being Dark" More Than Any Other Club.


Visiting Rotarians were from Washington (the State), North Carolina,  Tiburon, CA, and the President of the Palm Desert Club,  Ricardo Loreto.  Also visiting was Ed Casey's daughter.




Artisan's Studio Gala is this Saturday, January 11th.  Helen Anderson states that this event will aid special needs people.  Call Helen re: tickets.


January 15th...Board Meeting at Baird's store.


January 18th & 19th...Party at Walt Keating's re: Humana Golf Tournament.  Bring salad or dessert as it's a pot luck lunch.  Call Walt for further information.


Ricardo Loreto asked for help for the upcoming Humana Golf Tournament.   Their Palm Desert Rotary Club is serving drinks on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm.  President Sandy sent out an e-mail recently re: working and the benefits of helping.


David Archer (The Flockmeister)  announced that the "flock" is migrating.  Check your front yards.


Dick Anderson presents Merv Kolb with his 6+1 PH Pin!


Dick Anderson presented yours truly with a Ruby pin for the donations to the Paul Harris Foundation.   It was a surprise to the recipient.


Members are being urged to make their Foundation contribution through the Direct Deposit method.  Our Club is part of  the "every Rotarian, every year" procedure .  Call Dick Anderson or Joe LaMantia with any questions.


Dick Anderson also announced that the Water Project in the east valley is having a completion event on January 15th and that all members and guests are welcome to attend.  Our Club will be recognized at that time.  Contact Dick for information or with any questions.


Help is needed on Friday and Saturday February 7th and 8th re: Tour de Palm Springs.  Contact Corry with questions.


The Club's Strut Your Mutt event is scheduled for March 29th.


With only a few white balls left and the Pot over $400, Greg Lane was a $5 winner.

A big sigh of relief was heard as Greg picked a white one.


Allan Levin took the "stage" and offered the Fine Free Badge.  After some bidding it was "won" by David Turner.   Recognition was given to David Archer, Bruce Franklin,  Dan Fissori, Dick Jandt, Helen and Dick Anderson, Walt Keating, Bill Cosgrove, Merv Kolb, Diane Kelly, Joe LaMantia, Dick Grund, Sandy Lauer and Adrian Gysi.


President Sandy with our speaker David Humphrey


The speaker was David Humphrey, a local attorney.  David is not only a partner in the Bill Cosgrove's law firm but also Bill's nephew.   He is also involved with the Coachella Valley Brewing Co discussed the making of beer with a High Efficiency Brewing System, a new and innovative approach to craft brewing. The Coachella Valley brewing company employs a state of the art 17 Barrel Brewhouse, the H.E.B.S. or high efficiency brew system and is one of five in operation on the planet. The heart of the system is mash filtration technology. We do not use a mash tun/lauter tun combo and instead press the mash through a filter press thereby increasing our mash efficiency to 95-98%. As compared to mash/lauter tun systems the H.E.B.S. is capable of producing a 17 barrel  batch every two hours while using 60% less water and producing 65% less spent grain solids. This systematic approach to brewing combined with green technology relative to their cleaning and sanitation practices poises Coachella Valley Brewing as a leader in producing high quality beers while being mindful of the environment. They are proud to have partnered up with many of the amazing local farmers and East Valley agriculture industry leaders using various locally grown sustainable ingredients to create our farm to glass Locally Crafted line of brews.  To learn more about the Coachella Valley Brewing Company visit their website at:



The meeting was adjourned with the reciting of the four-way test.