President elect Corry Hunter called the 27th meeting of the 27th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and asked Baird Boucher to lead us in the pledge.  This was followed with a very nice invocation from Diane Kelly.



Greg is greeted by Tom, Doug and Dan at the Greeting Table


At the greeting table this week was Tom McDermott taking attendance, Doug Motz selling lunch tickets and Dan Fissori selling Raffle tickets.


Joining us today were several visiting Rotarians from all around the country and Canada too! There were even a few prospective members in the audience, some of whom were back for a second visit!



President elect Corry making the day's announcements


President elect Corry made the following announcements:  Rotary ladies and wives will be having a girl’s afternoon social on Feb 15th at the Artisan Studio from 3-5 pm (cost $35).  It promises to be a great event with wine & cheese plus the making of some glass jewelry.  The upcoming Tour de Palm Springs will be happening THIS SATURDAY!  The required number of Rotarian volunteers has been secured and they are now preparing themselves for the arduous task of setting up approximately 150 miles of directional barricades for the event.  Last year Corry promised them it would only take 8 hours to do the job and working through wind and rain it ended up taking about 16 hours.  This year he promises that it will only take 6 hours.  Looks like it will be another long day! Member David Turner updated us on this year’s Strut Your Mutt fund raising event scheduled for March 29, 2014. This is our big fund raiser for the year and we need everyone to participate to make this a successful event.  It was announced that so far we have three major sponsors totaling $6,500.00!  Flyers and Sponsor letters are available via email from both David Turner and David Archer… let’s see who can bring in the next major sponsor! May 2-5 is the District Conference to be held at the Doral Hotel (pronounced doe-wral).  Corry suggested that since the La Quinta Rotary was not at the Foundation Gala we really should come out in force for this event.



Rotarians gathered in fellowship

Andy Lorenz announced that “Fence Signs” (taking the place of “tee signs”… although someone suggested maybe we could put them at the bottom of the fence and call them “pee” signs) were available to those who are interested in sponsoring the Strut Your Mutt event for either $100.00 for a small sign or $150.00 for a larger sign.


Robert Wilkinson announced that he, along with his interview team consisting of Wes Faris, Joe LaMantia, Jennifer Donais, and Bob Wright, have concluded with the RYLA interviews.  This year there were 28 applications with more boys applying than in years past (16 to be exact!).  The “RYLArians” will be announced at an upcoming meeting.



Sandy, Helen and Dick in Guatemala - handing out books?

Dick and Helen Anderson were not available to update the club on the East Valley Water Project as they were in Guatemala with Sandy Lauer distributing books for the Guatemala literacy program.  Click on the link below to see a short video on the project.



The view of Lake Atitlan from the Anderson's villa suite


With $70.00 in the jackpot visiting past member Lee Osborne drew our visiting Rotarian Abraham’s winning ticket.  Unfortunately for Abraham, but fortunately for the rest of us, he drew the white marble and collected only $5.00.



Favorite Server Amy showing off plates of Penne Pasta


The lunch choices today were the Cliff House Desert Penne Pasta (with corn, red bell peppers and melted cheese), the traditional Chicken Caesar salad, or a bowl of creamed corn soup accompanied by ½ a grilled cheese sandwich, all served with a nice slice of Ice Cream Pie to top everyone’s meal off!



Favorite Fine Master Allan prepares to fleece the flock


Allan Levin stepped up to the podium and immediately recognized Baird Boucher for his phone going off, not once, but twice during the announcements.  Baird was quick to respond that it was the same person calling him back when he tried to turn his phone off after the first time!  David Archer was asked about why the La Quinta Rotary was not invited back to sell and serve beer at the Chamber Auto Show this year and after a rather lengthy explanation about beer keg mechanics and dinking our “mistakes” it turned out that financially the Chamber was doing us a favor by not having us back!  Pedro Rincon, Lee Osborne, and Corry Hunter, all in attendance from the accounting firm Osborne/Rincon were presented with a copy of their email publication in which there were two misspellings of the word “repair”.  Corry ended up paying the fine for his two “bosses” and insisted that even though the spelling may not have be right, all of the math is correct!  Exactly what we would expect from a bunch of number crunchers!  Dick Grund paid for his beloved Seahawks and David Archer did the same for his Broncos… apparently only Dick’s money counted in the Super Bowl this year.  Happy Dollars were collected from Mayor Don Adolph for our City’s strong financial position, Bruce Underwood who was very proud of his Kansas Basketball team, Visiting Rotarian Abraham kicked in the $5.00 he won in the drawing, and Dick Jandt ended up paying for the badge he forgot to wear today.  It was a light day on the harvest but several promises were made for “next week”!

Today we were so fortunate to have not one but three “craft talks” from three of our members on somewhat related subjects. 


Our first "craft talk" speaker Diane Kelly 

Our first speaker was Diane Kelly.  Diane is a Geriatric Care Manager, a nurse/midwife to those patients at the end of their lives (as opposed to the more commonly thought of midwives who assist at the very beginning of one’s life), and a mediator.  Diane was a fascinating speaker and shared with us how she functions in all three capacities and the difference that she makes in the lives of the families as well as the clients she serves.  She passed out some informative brochures and just touched upon the 5 Wishes program.  To learn more about what Diane does please go to the following websites for more information: and


Our second craft talk speaker Nick Kraushaar

Our second speaker this day was Nick Kraushaar.  Nick is a graduate of the University Of San Diego School Of Law and the University Of Southern California School Of Business. As an attorney, Nick practiced law as a trial attorney in government and private practice. Today Nick is a trained,  professional mediator.  Nick did an excellent job explaining to us about the mediation process with elders and family matters.  Specifically, the challenges families can face with probate court and the declaring of a conservator for an elder family member.  Nick made it very clear that it can be very costly, both financially and emotionally, to go through this process and strongly advised everyone to avoid it if at all possible.  To learn more about Nick and his arbitrations services you can go to his website at:


Our third craft talk speaker Richard "Dick" Jandt

Our third speaker this day was Richard (Dick) Jandt.  Dick acts in the capacity of a court appointed Conservator or Guardian, oftentimes for the elderly when the family unit has eroded and the children no longer care for the parents or in some cases, as a trustee for the trust of an individual who has passed away.  Dick shared with us that once a conservatorship or guardianship is appointed by the courts, the individual loses ALL of their rights and the courts will dictate what happens via the conservator or guardian.  He strongly agreed with Nick that this was a costly process and to be avoided whenever possible.  Dick emphasized the need for advanced directives including plans for a conservator nominee just in case one is needed someday.

We were all very impressed with the depth of knowledge and talent that these three of our members possess and were able to share with us this day. Thank you Diane, Nick and Dick for doing such a great job!

President elect Corry closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.




This news letter was written by member Bruce Cathcart this week.