President Frank called his (48th) and last meeting to order at 12:15. T'was a sad day to hear the last of his jokes. There was an outburst of sustained applause (ok, maybe 8 seconds) to thank him for his year of service. Job well done Frank and thanks.

Marilyn Blum was the "visitor of the day" as she joined us in ushering Frank off the "main stage". Thanks also to you, Marilyn.

Good news: Rod Vigue, although, promoted will still be able to maintain membership in the Club. Bad news: Bonnie Cloer resigned her membership. Thanks, Bonnie, for your efforts over the many years including your presidency. Best wishes from all of us.

Paul Harris awards were presented by Rey Neufeld to Bonnie and LeRoy Anderson.

President Frank gave out plaques to Rey Neufeld, Doug Motz and Ray Lopez for their help during the year.

The raffle was at $128. Tom McDermott had the lucky ticket and was a $5 winner. More next week.

Andy Brakebill presented patches that our club was awarded at the recent District Conference. He also announced that Lisa Guy is on her train trip and will return on July 14th. Call Andy if you can help with taking Lisa on excursions or short trips. Another family is also needed to house Lisa for a few months in the fall. Andy or Jan can give you all the information.

Our own member, Tom McDermott, was the featured speaker today and what a tale he told! Tom flew to Manilla in the fall of 1989 for legal business and was involved in the coup d'etat where the rebels attempted to overthrow the current government. Tom weaved the story of a few weeks of fear, terror (including heavy weapon fire) and some excitement until he and other guests in a Manilla hotel were allowed to leave.

Next week's meeting is July 2nd with our new president, Dan Fissori, in command!