Our District Governor makes his visit to the La Quinta Rotary Club

It was our last meeting of 2011, and it was all Rotary.  The day was the annual District Governor’s visit.  Governor Steve Wallace spent the morning with the Club Officers and Board members reviewing the club’s progress to date and plans for the remainder of the year.  It was a good meeting with an excellent exchange of information.

We had a nearly full house for our regular meeting.  President David recognized visitors from Oregon and Washington, as well as the Coachella Valley.  A prospective member, Jay Painter from One West Bank, was also present.  Our special guests were District Governor Steve and his wife, Vicky.

Jim Dorr reported that the “tabs” are coming in.  Don’t forget to save those aluminum tabs from you beer and soda cans.  Put them in a bag and bring them to the next meeting.  There is money in those tabs!  Dick Jandt reported a successful bell ringing season for the Salvation Army.  I hope you got the one remaining “ringer” you needed, Dick.  (Late Note: The Turner family took the last spot).

Walter Keating reported that the signups for the Tour d’ Palm Springs are underway and that signup sheets with our club name are being placed in local stores.  Walter also reminded members to RSVP if they plan to visit his home during the weekend of the Humana Challenge.  President David put out a call for beer sellers for the La Quinta Car Show on January 29th.  David also thanked Dick and Victory Grund for opening their home for our Holiday Party.  Dick Anderson was a lucky $5.00 winner.

Sergeant at Arms Allan took the podium and brought us an update on the Progress of the “flocking”.  The pink flamingos were very evident on the Grund’s front lawn as we arrived for the party.  Merv and Karen, Dick and Helen and Nick and Marsha   were celebrating anniversaries this month.  The wives of Dick Jandt and Leroy Anderson were celebrating birthdays, as was Dan Fissori.   Happy Dollars were offered for Navy’s win over Army, Syracuse’s number one NCAA basketball ranking, the San Diego Chargers and Denver’s Tim Tebow.

Governor Steve then spoke to us about the world of Rotary.  RI President Banerjee wants Rotarians to focus on family – your family.  Engage your family in the activities of Rotary.  It is a great way to build that spirit and culture of community service in young people.  As a club we need to maintain continuity in doing the things we do well.  At the same time we need to be aware of the need for change when things are going well.  The Governor reminded us that, as Rotarians, we really do make a difference and we change lives.  He recounted the change he experienced when he did an international project in Uganda.  He said that was the day he changed from being a member of Rotary to being a Rotarian.

He reiterated that his job as Governor is not to dictate to clubs.  He is there to help clubs succeed, to grow membership and to grow the Rotary Foundation.  Not only do we need to grow membership, we need to retain members by having relevant programs and activities.  New members need to be engaged immediately in rotary programs.  The support of the Rotary Foundation is a key part of membership in Rotary.  Through our giving, we get money back.  One hundred percent of donations come back to the District in three years to support club community and international projects.  The District goal for each Rotarian this year is $250.00.  The easiest way to give is to use the automatic deduction from your bank or a monthly charge to your credit card.  You can sign up for either of these methods on the RI website.

Our thanks to Governor Steve for his message and encouragement.  This is a perfect time to commit to Rotary in the coming year.  Our club needs you and your participation.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season and wishing all the very best in 2012.

Editor’s Note:  Participating in the annual giving program is part of our responsibility as Rotarians.  Even if you cannot meet the Governor’s goal of $250.00 for the year, remember that every donation counts.  It is with the money donated by all of us that will make a difference in the world.  Time is short to get that 2011 tax deduction.  If you have trouble using the RI website t o make your donation, I can send you the form you need to make a onetime donation, establish a bank account deduction or a credit card charge.  Let me know.  Time is short to get that 2011 tax deduction.