The last meeting in May will always be remembered by those present.  President Dan, who schedules the speakers, out did himself on this one.  More on that later in this report.


President Dan called the meeting to order, followed by the Flag Salute led by Past President Frank Blum.  Dan did the invocation by remembering those who have served and those who have died in preserving the freedom of our Country.


Since most snow birds are gone, the two visiting Rotarians present were from as far away as the Palm Desert noon Club.  Sandy Lauer introduced her guest, a visitor from Marin County.  Also present were seven La Quinta High students who attended RYLA, and their counselor Carol Ramirez.  Each of the students spoke on his/her  RYLA experiences.  Carol also thanked us and told of the experiences these students have had. Robert Wilkinson was active in this year's program and along with Andy Brakebill and others are to be thanked.


Diane Kelly made the announcement of the District Conference which is the weekend of June 9-12 at the Doral Hotel in Cathedral City.  There is a "Tailgate" party on Friday as well as a golf tournament on Thursday, June 9th.  There is already one foursome from our Club and Diane is looking for a second one.  Diane has registration forms available.  Pictures are needed for the Activity Board at the Conference.  There will also be hula and limbo contests.  Good luck on the limbo..(..young and strong backs only need to apply).  If you've been reading the President's e-mails, sergeant at arms are also needed.  Contact Diane or Dan for further information.


Frank Blum announced the "send off Dan" party on Saturday night 6pm, June 18th at Rancho La Quinta.  The charge is $50 per person.  Check the website for further information or call Frank.


Robert Wilkinson announced that he attended the La Quinta High scholarship program on Thursday night.  There were 57 organizations participating and scholarships of over $1.3 million were given to students.  The Club's share of that, per Ray Lopez, was $11,500.


The final announcement was the birth of Nora Coleman's son, Leo Akira. Congratulations to Nora and Naota.


One of our visiting students had his lucky ticket pulled and pulled a white ball.


Allan took the microphone and promptly recognized Nick Kraushaar, Adrian  Gysi, Secretary David Archer, Diane Kelly, Robert Wilkinson, Sam Payne & Lothar Vasholz for birthdays,  family weddings, anniversaries and assorted other recognitions.


The president offered best wishes to Karen Kolb on her surgery next week. 



                                                                  Laughing Yogi


And now...for our program. Guru Yogi Ramesh was introduced.  According to President Dan, the Yogi is genuine and an expert in the science of breathing and laughter. His card states "oxygen power, yoga as medicine for stress & disease prevention". He's been doing this for 20 years.  Sounds he emitted have not been heard before at a Rotary meeting.  Reporter's observation: The word cacophony comes to mind. To make a long story short, there were noises including heavy breathing, there was some laughter and the meeting was adjourned.


Happy Memorial Day.