President Corry Hunter called the 1st meeting of the 28th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and had immediate past president Sandy Stewart lead us in the pledge.  Corry Hunter followed the flag salute with a short, but very nice invocation.


Walter, Bruce and Greg are greeted by Baird, Doug and Allan


At the greeting table this week was Baird Boucher taking attendance, Doug Motz selling lunch tickets and Allan Levin selling Raffle tickets (just can’t keep his hands off the money!).


Rotarians and guests gather in fellowship


Ricardo Loretta was our only visiting Rotarian in attendance today.  Also in attendance today was Baird’s good friend Gordon… uh, wait a minute, uh, Gordon… damn I hate getting old.  Everybody did their best to make Gordon Damn I hate Getting Old welcome!


Corry and Jimbo standing at the BRAND NEW PODIUM


President Corry made the following announcements from his BRAND NEW PODIUM AND MICROPHONE:


Just check out the electronics on this baby!!!


The next club board meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 18th, at Baird Boucher’s (Wholesale Jewelry) store in La Quinta starting at 5:30 PM.


Our last social event of the Rotary year was the Demotion party and by all accounts it was a great success.  President Sandy is to be commended for the incredible year through which she led our Rotary Club.  Sandy, we all thank you for your service!


Joe LaMantia reminded everyone that the Rotary Direct forms could be found at the check-in table for those who would like to donate to the foundation monthly via direct deposit.


With $67.00 in the jackpot this week Greg Lane managed to draw a white marble and win only $5.00 of it! 


Even standing still Emilio is so fast he is out of focus!


The lunch choices today were the now infamous Cliff House $18.00 Fish Tacos, the traditional Chicken Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese and homemade Caesar dressing, or a bowl of Potato Leek soup accompanied by ½ a grilled cheese sandwich, all served with a nice slice of Ice Cream Pie to top everyone’s meal off!


Walter putting on his "Fine Master Game Face"


Our new Fine Master Walter Keating stepped up to the podium and auctioned off Palmer’s old Rotary badge.  After some spirited bidding by several members who thought it was the fine free badge Greg Lane managed to turn his five dollar winnings (plus $20 more) into a keepsake that he will no doubt treasure for a very long time! (This may go into the “Damn I hate getting old” club too!)  Soon thereafter Doug Motz was the winning bidder for the real fine free badge with a $55.00 bid.  Dick Jandt finally made good on his IOU for his and Terry’s anniversary.  Corry paid some happy bucks for his new podium.  Joe LaMantia’s phone went off and he tossed five dollars in the basket as he dashed out of the room to take the call.  Nick Kraushaar gladly dropped in a few bucks to announce that his son was off on a paid photo shoot to Finland and Sandy Lauer felt guilty for not wearing her Rotary pin and donated a couple of bucks to assuage her guilt.  Walter announced that there were no “no make-up” fines since the old attendance sheets somehow were lost with the absent Tom McDermott.  Despite that statement, Bruce Franklin paid $5.00 for missing last week’s meeting.  No one had the heart to tell him we were dark last Friday!  (One more for the “Damn I hate getting old” club)  Bruce Cathcart ended the collection by adding an extra $10.00 to help make Walter’s first day a success. 


Today we were very fortunate to have one of our own present what were previously referred to as “craft talks” but henceforth may be known as “The life and times of…”


Baird Boucher introduces or speaker Jimbo Dorr

After a brief introduction by Baird Boucher, Rotary Member Jimbo Dorr made his way to the new podium amid the cheers and thunderous roar of applause from the other members in attendance this day.  He announced that there would be no way that he could cover his 71 years in just 20 minutes and then started with, “I was born in…”  Before we knew it Jimbo had moved from Chicago to California in 1954 where he received his 4 year degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in just 6 years!  Finding employment as a draftsman and then Architect, in 1969 Jimbo answered the call of duty and joined the L.A. Sheriff’s Department as a Reserve Deputy, which basically was a volunteer position ($1.00 per year) with the full rights and duties of the full time deputies.  Jimbo spent 30 years in the reserves.  He was thankful and felt privileged to have seen and done all that he did in those 30 years.  As an architect Jimbo’s career spanned the addition of approximately 3,000+ pages to the Universal Building Code as demonstrated by the two books he brought in for comparison.  Building permits that once took 1 to 2 days to obtain now take up to 18 months!  As a design professional it can be very frustrating to see how the design and building codes are becoming less about creative design and building and more about social engineering codes with an emphasis on “green architecture” and sustainability.  And with new court rulings architects are now being held liable to third parties for their designs regardless of whether or not they are active in the construction process!  Jimbo was all too happy to begin his retirement from the profession in earnest this past month.  But he did leave us all with one of his pearls of wisdom about today’s “experts”.  Jimbo stated, “Today’s experts know more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything about nothing!”  Thanks Jimbo for a great presentation!




President Corry closed out his first (very successful) meeting leading the members in the four way test.



This week’s newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart